Take Off Pounds Sensibly ME 0233, HOULTON

Lois Downing, Special to The County
11 years ago

Take Off Pounds Sensibly, Chapter 0233, of Houlton met at the Aldergate building on High Street for its Friday, October 5 meeting.
Joanne Scott, assistant weight recorder, returned after a short absence.
    Leader Diane Folsom, was present and presented the program on high blood pressure.
The skinny dish was held over. Secretary’s report was given as was the treasurer’s report by Janette Nelson.
Valla Murphy, a KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) was a visitor from Brewer; she is a sister to another KOPS — Shirley Ethier. Plans were finalized for members to attend fall rally in Brewer October 6. Seven members attended with Leader Diane: Charlotte Marley, Shirley Ethier, Marcia Reed, Betty Wyman, Denise Clark and Lois Downing.
Pertaining to the program, Diane emphasized to lower your blood pressure the natural way — that is to not smoke, avoid stress, alcohol in moderation, watch the scales and keep your weight down. When your blood pressure is taken, you should avoid cigarettes and alcohol. To control your blood pressure one should keep your weight down, avoid smoking and alcohol, cut down on salt, and importantly exercise.
To end the program, Barbara Grant had a few words on ‘’Friday Funnies.’’
For more information on the chapter, you may call Betty Ivey at 532-9653 or Charlotte Marley at 757-8483.
Each Friday morning, chapter 0233 meets at 8-8:45 for weigh-in; a meeting is started at 9 o’clock and usually ends an hour later.
Come, enjoy, and take off weight.