Extension plans new season

12 years ago

On Monday, Sept. 24, 12 members of the Spragueville Extension held their annual planning meeting at the home of Carmen Wiggins.

President Sylvia Harper called the meeting to order, followed by the recitation of the Homemakers Creed by everyone. Secretary/treasurer LaVone Walters took roll call and gave her respective reports. She also read correspondence from Sister Mary O’Donnell’s Homeless Shelter, detailing the increased residents and needs at the shelter. It was voted by members to give a monetary donation to the shelter.

Harper thanked members for helping at the Spring Tea; she also thanked the members who volunteered their time during the summer months to plant, weed and water at the Balloon Site.

Under old business, on behalf of the extension, Ann Knight presented a card and gift to Maryanne Thomas, to be delivered to her daughter, Laura and husband Josh Martin on the birth of their new son, Sawyer Thomas Martin. Laura has assisted the group with several craft projects and the members wanted to show their appreciation to the family and join in the celebration of little Sawyer’s arrival.

Under new business, Harper announced that the County Extension Fall Meeting was to be held Oct. 13 at the Grant Memorial United Methodist Church in Presque Isle. The Spragueville Extension was responsible for serving coffee and muffins during the registration time. Several members volunteered to make the muffins.

Rather than choose a nominating committee for new officers, a poll was taken and all current officers agreed to continue on for another term, with the exception of Ann Knight, who expressed her desire to retire from her position as publicity person.

President Sylvia announced that the group’s annual fall supper, with guests, will be held on Monday, Oct. 22. Wiggins suggested the group serve a turkey dinner with all the fixings, rather than have a potluck supper. All members present were in favor of this change of menu, and everyone volunteered to furnish various dishes/desserts.

Marilyn Wheeler suggested a monetary gift from the Spragueville Extension be given to the county president, Carolyn Kelley of the Caribou Night Extension, in celebration of her being elected as the new vice-president of the Maine Extension Homemakers Council. It was voted to give a donation to Kelley. The planning of programs for the new season took place at this time, with a completed calendar of events decided upon. Following the planning time, Harper adjourned the meeting.

Refreshments were served by Wiggins and Walters. During the refreshment time, three members who attended the Fall State Meeting in Machias — Wiggins, Wheeler and Mona Cyr — gave a report of the events at the meeting.