Washburn District High School second quarter honor rolls 2013/2014

10 years ago

GRADE 9: Highest honors: Rachel Driscoll, Andrew Gumprecht, Cameron Hartford, Tori Koch and McCall Turner. High honors: Mariah Davis and Kamryn Irving. Honors: Meghan Cole, Bryce Roix and Preston Rothlauf.
GRADE 10: Highest honors: Mariah Campbell, Noah Caron, Emilia Churchill, Taylor Howe, and Laina Mette. High honors: Jessica Aube, Grace Braley, Brittany Corey, Brandon Cropley, Natalie Doody, Kelsey Farr, Valerie Flood, Jenica Harris and Jarrett Olson.
GRADE 11: Highest honors: Mikayla Churchill, Hannah Heald, Brittany Hernandez, Stacy Landry, Joan Overman, Tyra Shaw, Taylor Skinner and Mackenzie Worcester. High honors: Lucia Bragg, Mariena Bragg, Kaylee Doody, Michael Ericson and Alex Pelletier. Honors: Cameron Bragg, Kenneth Irving and Jacqueline McCarthy.
GRADE 12: Highest honors: Carmen Bragg, Kennedy Churchill, Carsyn Koch, Darbie Koch, Nicole Olson and Caitlyn Roix. High honors: Shanae Burtt, Courtney Cannon, Virginia Farley and Rachel Rossignol. Honors: Kala Farley, Christopher Opila and Andrew White.