Bou’s Brew Pub deserves community support

10 years ago

 To the editor:
I just read the April 9 article in the Star-Herald in regard to Bou’s Brew Pub and I had to sit and laugh.
Yes Bou’s does offer a more economical alternative in drink prices. They also serve a majority of college students who can’t afford to sip a $3 beer (quite the markup and profit there wouldn’t you say?) They serve the future of this county — young people for the most part. They serve people who are not judgmental of how much money you have or how old you are. I have been more accepted in that establishment and have felt more at home there than I ever have gracing the establishment across the street with my presence.
Do they have their share of issues with people coming in and being disorderly … yes … but don’t sit there and try to tell me that other Main Street bars have not had the same. The hotel has a lounge as well, not a Sunday school Bible study group.
I have been in Bou’s on many occasions, and have seen them shut people off. I have never once seen them not be concerned with what is going on in their bar. They have also survived many attempts to shut them down (wonder where those complaints came from really?) They have always worked with what needed to be done to make their establishment a safe place to be.
It’s too bad that our city council has to constantly be puppets and minions to the self proclaimed elite in this town. I am asking everyone to get behind Kylie and her staff, instead of being negative look at the positive she has done for this community. She has had fundraisers in her bar for various causes, whether it be some displaced by a fire, someone suffering from cancer, or a disabled veteran.
Instead of going and renting a facility somewhere that is private, Kylie and her staff are working to do something that will be very beneficial to our local combat veterans. She is working to lease a bit of space out of the way to get out of “everyone’s hair”, and in the process is helping the VFW by paying to lease their lounge. This will help that organization help veterans in this community buy fuel, food, medicine, basic necessities that they might not get if it weren’t for the VFW.
So before you go bashing an establishment that has done more for this community in the past two years than other similar businesses have done in many years, ask yourself this … what has your establishment done for the community lately?

Shelly Rogers
Presque Isle