Mill Pond Elementary School students learn of professions

9 years ago

Career informational activities are being presented through SAD 70’s MELMAC grant. This MELMAC grant supports activities to improve the ability of all Maine students to better understand options for continuing education after high school graduation.
In March, U.S. Border Patrol Agents, Matthew Day and Evan Drake spoke to SAD 70 students about careers with the U.S. Border Patrol. They brought equipment such as bulletproof vests, night vision goggles and spike mats for the students to view.
Gerald Hammond, canine enforcement officer, from the Department of Homeland Security gave an informative demonstration with his drug dog, Dorsta. Dorsta is a Belgium Malinois and she quickly located the illegal substances placed in boxes around the immediate area.
In April, Darcy Fox, R.N., spoke with children in grades kindergarten through grade 12 about her nursing career. The students were excited to learn about the various careers that a degree in nursing could open up to them. They asked questions about earnings, education, and why she wanted to be a nurse.
D.J. Norton, a part-time police officer and firefighter, spoke with the students also in April about his career. Norton shared with the students that he wanted to be a firefighter at a young age. He encouraged students to work hard and it will pay off. Norton donned his firefighting gear and demonstrated a carry or rescue with Anna Oliver as his helper from the audience.