Clark withdraws as House candidate

9 years ago

Republicans residing in the newly-apportioned House District 148 will hold a special caucus Wednesday night to select a replacement for the Republican nominee for the Maine House.

Rep. Tyler Clark (R-Easton) recently withdrew as the party’s nominee. A three-time State Representative, Clark had won the nomination in an uncontested June 10 primary.
“I love the Legislature,” said Clark, 28, “but there were financial concerns. I’m getting married [to Kristin Weeks] in the spring, and it’s difficult living in Aroostook County and working in Augusta half of the year. I’m basically giving it up for a full-time job.
“Also I’m filling the vacancy for the Register of Deeds for Aroostook County, so by taking that position, I can’t run for both,” he said. “There’s a vacancy right now, and the governor will be appointing me soon to fill that, and then I’ll run for the new term in November.”
Clark said he has enjoyed serving his constituents the last six years.
“I really like being able to help people when they call me and they have issues dealing with government. That’s one of the things I enjoyed — helping people deal with the bureaucracy and cut through it,” he said. “I absolutely love the Legislature. The people are great down there and I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends, and maybe one day I’ll return to it, but for now, what’s best for me is to focus on my career.”
According to Maine Republican State Party rules, registered Republicans in Cyr Plantation, Easton, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, Stockholm, Connor Township, and part of Presque Isle are eligible to participate in the caucus. Hamlin and Caswell Republicans may attend, but they are not eligible to vote because those town committees did not previously hold a caucus.
The caucus will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 9 at the Caribou Wellness Center.
“This is one of the most important obligations of our committee as defined by state law,” said Geri Martin, chair of the Aroostook Republican Committee. “I urge all eligible Republicans in District 148 to participate in the special caucus.”
Currently on the November ballot for House District 148 are Alan D. Whittemore (D-Limestone) and Gregory Alan Ward (U-Limestone).