Fun times in Linneus

10 years ago

LINNEUS, Maine — The town was filled with fun Saturday during the annual Linneus Family Field Day.
“We had somewhere around 250 people attend throughout the day,” said Michael Lane, Linneus recreation director. “The attendance was about as good as it was last year.”
Linneus has around 800 residents.
Linneus Family Field Day begins with a parade kicked off by a fire engine rolling down the stretch of pavement followed by those riding on top of the fire engines waving to those in attendance to floats. Also included were ATVs and kiddie cars. The parade route goes from the Linneus Volunteer Fire Department to Grammy’s Country Inn and back again.
Whoopie pies were handed out to those watching courtesy of Grammy’s Country Inn.
“The parade was somewhat smaller than in previous years,” Lane noted. “There were a lot of things going on this weekend and it was scheduled earlier than in previous years.”
After the parade, children of all ages headed to the town barbecue and then enjoyed an afternoon of water fun on the slip and slide, along with the dunking booth, games such as the parachute pass, bounce house, pitching machine and horse rides.
“We’d like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Husted and his son for the continued use of the pitching machine for our Little League program many years now,” explained Lane. “We’d also like to thank Peg’s Place, Harry’s Used Sales, Grammy’s Country Inn, Lynn York, Dave Cuna of County Yankee, Keran Valji for providing the horse rides, and especially Andrew Stoddard and Rob Brown for their endless work and of course, the town of Linneus.”
Next year the Linneus Family Fun Day may run later in July or in early August.
“All in all, it was a great day,” Lane said.