Fishing report for early-August

10 years ago

    In the Aroostook region, the water has heated up, but there are still trout to be caught.
“Trout ponds are still offering hot fishing during the evening hatches, as long as anglers can find the right fly to match the hatch,” said Jeremiah Wood, Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department fisheries biologist. “Daytime fishing in these areas has been slow. In many of the ponds, trout are feeding on midge larvae and scuds near the bottom and they can be difficult to catch.”
On the larger lakes and ponds in the Fish River chain of lakes, folks are having success trolling deep, but Wood says generally you need to be 30 to 50 feet down in the water column.
Of course, this time of year is prime time to fish smaller brooks and streams.
“Anglers would be well served to bring a pocket thermometer on their fishing trips,” Wood said.
“Any stream in the area that is below 70 degrees should produce trout,” he added.