Maine Department of Labor seeks employer feedback on drug-testing statute

10 years ago

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Department of Labor is soliciting the input of Maine businesses and other organizations regarding the current statute governing employee-testing for alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Businesses interested in participating in the survey must contact the department to receive a survey invitation; invitations are limited to one per business or organization.
The department has solicited participation in the survey from all the employers with approved drug-testing policies, insurance providers and organizations with a relationship to the issue, including medical marijuana organizations and providers. Those interested in taking the survey should email: Mark Dawson,, in the Bureau of Labor Standards. The online survey takes about 30 minutes to answer; it asks questions about different provisions of the law and asks for suggestions for changes. The survey deadline has been extended; it will be available online through Aug. 22.
More information on Maine’s workplace drug-testing laws is available on the Department of Labor’s website at