River closes Grimes Road, again

9 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — Signs warning motorists of a flooded road were placed on a closed section of the Grimes Road last Wednesday afternoon near the town line between Caribou and Fort Fairfield.

According to Region 5 Engineer of the MaineDOT, Brent Bubar, that section of the Grimes Road was the only flooded area the DOT crews were concerned with. “I think people are pretty much used to the fact that areas along those roads potentially can flood,” Bubar said. “We get signs out that say you can’t go this way and everyone’s pretty much used to the drill.”
Bubar admitted flooding has been less of a concern than usual for the DOT this spring, but they still worry if they believe ice will hit down the road near the Fort Fairfield bridge or over at the Washburn bridge.
“We’ve been getting updates from the town and EMA basically saying the ice thicknesses are less than we thought and the flows are lower than what usually causes us an issue,” Bubar said. “That doesn’t mean nothing can happen, but there’s less concern than usual this year.”
According to the MaineDOT, the Grimes Road was reopened sometime over the weekend and at the time of this article there are still no concerns with ice buildup at either the Fort Fairfield or Washburn bridges.