Cary receives another ‘A’ for patient safety

    CARIBOU — Cary Medical Center has received an ‘A’ score for patient safety by the Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit organization representing employers and purchasers of health care.

    Cary is one of 11 hospitals in Maine to receive the ‘A’ score, and one of only seven that have received the highest grade since the inception of the grading system in 2012.
    The Maine Health Management Coalition, a nonprofit organization based in Topsham, made the announcement earlier this month. The coalition is made up of some 60 members that include public and private employers, hospitals, health plans and doctors working to measure and report health care value.
    Scores are based on how well hospitals protect patients from preventable harm, including accidents, injuries and infections.
    Kris Doody, RN, MSB, FACHE, and Chief Executive Officer at Cary, said that this latest recognition reflects the hospitals focus on patient safety and overall quality of care.
    “Time and time again we are hearing from independent organizations about the high level of quality being provided by our remarkable staff,” said Doody.
    “The fact that we have received this ‘A’ score four years in a row demonstrates are consistent efforts to maintain a safe environment for our patients. It is the right thing to do and our patients deserve our commitment to keep them safe while they are in the hospital. This is an organization-wide effort and our team has made patient safety a major priority.” 
    In making the announcement, Leah Binder, President and CEO of the Leapfrog Group had these comments.
    “Keeping an eye on your local hospital’s scores over time makes it easier to spot patterns – whether a hospital is working to improve or if it’s allowed its focus on safety to slip,” said Binder. “We want to turn patients into savvy health care shoppers by enabling them to take an active role in selecting a hospital. We all deserve to be in the safest hospital possible, and those include the A hospitals in Maine.”
    “Hospitals must consistently demonstrate their capability to prevent harm in order to earn the trust of their patients. That’s why Maine wants to recognize all our A hospitals and encourage them to strive for continued vigilance and excellence, keeping the well-being of their patients and prevention of harm as the number-one priority,” said Andy Webber, CEO, Maine Health Management Coalition.
    For the first time, Leapfrog’s hospital safety score includes past grades alongside current grades on the website so that patients can determine which institutions consistently achieve high standards of safety and have shown continued improvement.