Island Falls Notes

Riva Hawkes, Special to The County
9 years ago

Bob Hudson, a good friend to cousin Alan and myself, has returned home to Las Vegas, Nev., after spending three and a half weeks here at Alan’s cottage on Lower Mattawamkeag Lake.

While here he certainly enjoyed the fishing and boating and visiting in the area, and expects to return again next year.
Joanne and Ed Wood arrived here July 23 to spend a few days at their camp on upper Mattaweamkeag Lake and to also visit with their Aunt Riva and to take in some of the Summerfest activities during their short three-day stay. They plan to return later in August to stay at least two weeks and maybe get some work done on their camp. They returned home to Wilton, N.H., July 27.
I did happen to see a gray squirrel the other day as he was loping across my front lawn. Probably he had been looking in the feeders to see if I had put any seeds in them.
I still have my hummingbirds flitting in and around my feeder, but the animal life around here is pretty quiet. I keep hoping things will pick up, but am afraid it will be awhile before that happens.
I still have an occasional big black crow that lands in my backyard to find something good to eat after I mow and am still waiting to see a doe and her fawns cavorting and playing down back, but think it will be awhile before (or if) they arrive.