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9 years ago

When it comes to being critical of one’s work, nobody is tougher on themselves than DeWayne Brink, owner of D & R Drywall Systems of Houlton. Brink started in the drywall business in April 1975, in a time when mud came in bags that had to be mixed and pre-mixed mud came in metal cans. Those cans were considered a luxury due to their higher cost.

Times have changed, and so has his style of finishing. Brink said he knew after two years of working as an apprentice, he had ideas of his own on how to achieve a quality, flat wall finish. He has adjusted his style over the years.

“I chose early to question ideas and techniques that I knew quite frankly did not work,” he said. “I polished my ways by trial and errors, forcing myself to find reasons and solutions for why a wall did not look good to me. I truly am my hardest critic.”

While in Las Vegas, Brink was chosen as the licensed drywall contractor to hang and finish for a level No. 5 on one of the three model homes built exclusively for the 1990 National Home Convention by Masco Corporation. Brink said he knew at that time, smooth wall finishing was what he wanted to master.

“One cannot master one’s trade if the desire or love for that trade does not exist,” he said. “If one looks at drywall finishing only as a job, and does not challenge themselves to attain ‘master’ status, they cheat themselves out of the joy of completing a project that others enjoy and appreciate. There truly is joy in a job well done.”

Brink said he believes customers should have to pay only once to have their project completed.

“A wise man told me back in 1991, ‘DeWayne, stick to what you know.’ I have. A bare sheet of drywall to me is like a fresh canvas to an artist.”

He also mentioned he likes joints flat and smooth as possible. For more information on D&R Drywall Systems, call Brink at 532-1597.