Media pushing for legalized pot

7 years ago

To the editor:
I am concerned that the “Maine media in general” is showing a bias with the referendum legalizing recreational pot.

Most of the articles in the Portland paper are pro-pot and the Press Herald last week cited their support of the measure. A local TV news report recently was titled “Medical professionals in support of the referendum on marijuana use” and then went on to cite only a handful of medical people.
I think news outlets should inform and educate the populace. The Maine Medical Association, The Maine Hospital Association, The Maine Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics and the Maine Public Health Association have all come out with official positions against this referendum. I believe this news should be a featured story.
I would hope that the average citizen would give some weight to the opinion of a very large group of medical professionals. Medical professionals/societies are not just looking at the money that can be made off of selling pot, or a potentially fun night of using it once, but are looking at the short- and long-term consequences for the individual users and of our society.
As a primary care physician myself, I can tell you that we do not need another legal mind altering and addictive substance easily available to all adults.

Debra Fuchs-Ertman MD