Rep. White is responsive to voters

8 years ago

To the editor:
For several reasons, Dustin White will once again have my vote for State Representative on November 8th. As one of Rep. White’s constituents, I have called him and emailed him many times.

Over the last two years, I have had multiple occasions where his assistance was needed. Not only did Rep. White respond to my questions, concerns and issues, but he always did so in a timely fashion.
I gave birth to my fourth child in September of 2014. We chose to have an unassisted childbirth at our home. Everything went smoothly, until we needed to get a birth certificate from the State of Maine. Even though I had all of the evidence required, I was denied a birth certificate because there was not a “medical professional” present at the birth. The gentleman in charge of vital records at the State level wouldn’t even help me and implied I had stolen my son. Rep. White made the necessary calls and we were finally able to get my son his birth certificate.
Rep. White may not always agree with my political beliefs or decisions, but he represents all of his constituents, not just those that belong to his own party. When the State of Maine denied a birth certificate due to a home birth, Rep. White fought for me.
Rep. White understands the importance of allowing people the right to make their own decisions and the freedom to make our own choices. I am voting for Rep. Dustin White because I want the people who make our laws to respect our freedom to make the best choices for our families.

Crystal Deans