Saucier deserves our support

7 years ago

To the editor:
In this contentious election cycle it is more important than ever that we send to Augusta candidates who cast each and every vote in the best interest of the majority of the constituents back home and doing so with a willingness to work with others in a bipartisan manner.

To that end I support the candidacy of Robert Saucier.
Bob Saucier has served the citizens of Presque Isle well in the past four years and deserves our support for another term. He voted for the current responsible bipartisan State Budget and again to override the veto that threatened to undo that bipartisan work. He is an avid supporter of our local schools voting 100 percent for the issues that were important to SAD 1 and won the support of the Maine Educational Association for his work. He supports the working men and women of the County earning the support of the AFL-CIO and MSEA. He recognizes the hard and often thankless work of our local public employees (teachers, municipal and state). And he supports our veterans, understanding the sacrifices they have made for all of us and the difficulties they encounter getting the services they need.
As a former community leader here in Presque Isle I know firsthand how important it is to have a representative in Augusta who is responsive to community needs. We have had that with Bob Saucier and he needs to be returned to Augusta on Tuesday, November 8th.

Calvin F. Hall
Presque Isle