Sheriff’s Office warns of scams

7 years ago

HOULTON, Maine The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office is warning County residents about an ongoing scam from an individual claiming to be from their office.

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016, a Deputy Sheriff spoke with a woman regarding a scam call. The male caller claimed to be with the Sheriff’s Office stating that they had a warrant for her, according to Sheriff Darrell Crandall.
“They ended the call suspecting it was a fraudulent call and that they would ask for money,” Crandall said. “The caller identified himself as the ‘Sheriff’s Office’ and did not give his name. The number came up as (207) 731-8499. Deputy Sheriffs called the number and spoke to a male. He answered the phone claiming to be the Sheriff’s Office. When he was told he was talking to the real Sheriff’s Office, he lost interest in talking.”
When deputies called back, the call went straight to voicemail with a recording stating, ‘you have reached Lt. Mark Cooper. Leave a message.’”
Anyone who has received a call like this, whether they paid money to avoid a threatened arrest or not, is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-432-7842.
“We are currently working to track the number to a subscriber and a location,” Crandall said. “We are hopeful it is in the United States, although it is not likely. Legitimate police agencies do not offer to settle arrest warrants with a cash payment. Please do not fall for this scam.”