The Houlton chapter of TOPS

Pam Richardson, Correspondent, Special to The County
7 years ago

The Houlton chapter of TOPS met Friday morning, Aug. 11. There were seven TOPS and two KOPS members present.

The Loser of the Week was “CJ” and runners-up were Diane Folsom and Denise Clark. Great job, ladies.

Diane Folsom won the skinny dish and Brenda Lacostic won the 50/50.

Barbara Whited passed out charms to CJ for the halfway goal, Janette Nelson for the 1/22 way goal, and Pam Richardson for the best loser for May. Congratulations on reaching these goals.

We discussed how and why we ended up at TOPS. A picture, an offensive statement, and a look in the mirror were some of the reasons. We should not be afraid to call someone for support if we’re having a bad day, or call someone just because that person was missing from our meeting. We all need to feel needed or missed; remember, “We are Family”.

Charlotte Marley presented a program on different foods. Is all the sugar or salt that we eat necessary? We should watch canned veggies, cereals and packaged food; we need to read the labels. She also had a quiz on the benefits (or not) of vitamin supplements, carbs and protein on our health. Thank you, Charlotte for, a very interesting program.

Joining our meeting is very easy. Just show up. The first meeting is free. Come get a “taste” of our support group. For more information, call Pam Richardson at 538-8760.