King grant to warm library kids’ room

7 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The Caribou Public Library received a surprise last week when the director and staff received a letter and a check for $6,000 to update the children’s room heating and air conditioning unit. The money came from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. 

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation,” said Library Director Anastasia Weigle.

The library added its children’s room in 1965. Since then, the hustle and bustle of children has been heard throughout the library. It is a place of laughter, reading and playing card games. But during the last six winters, Weigle said, the children’s room was silent. The heating units that warmed the children’s room during cold winter months stopped working properly.

The room had three heat pumps, of which two were non-functioning, and the third unit did not produce much hot air flow, she said. So she decided to write a grant to the King Foundation, asking their assistance in replacing all heating units with one efficient model that could keep the children’s room comfortable during the winter months.

She and library staff are thrilled with the grant funding.

“The STK grant will bring back our warm and cozy children’s room this winter and for winters to come,” Weigle said.