Ark Animal Sanctuary – week of October 25, 2017

Lorraine Monfils, Special to The County
6 years ago

Every morning somewhere between 5 and 6 a.m. the lights go on at the sanctuary and the day begins. We currently are housing over 60 cats, but that is not the focus of this article.

When I drive in the the driveway a black cat runs. He has been sleeping on the front doorstep. I go to the back door and watch cats come from the woods knowing  that I will be putting out food for them. A cat is found sleeping on the chapel steps another comes out from underneath the chapel his fur is soaking wet because it has been raining and the temperature in dropping. These cats are there everyday, some are injured,others are just kittens that have been born outside never knowing the human touch, while others are covered in burdocks. Somedays you just want to cry because they don’t deserve this kind of life.

This feral cat has been sleeping on the sanctuary steps. So far attempts to collect the animal have not been successful. The Ark has more than 60 cats waiting for new homes.
(contributed photo/lorraine monfills)

This is normal to them because they don’t know anything else. They have a strong will to survive but they need help. We have managed to trap four so far and get them to the vet to be altered, vaccinated and tested for aids and leukemia. So far every single one has tested negative, but one cat had pillow foot and is being treated for that. Out of the four cats there is really only one true feral, the others are very sweet, shy cats.

Everyone at The Ark has made a commitment to these cats. Our goals are to provide some kind of shelter outside and keep them warm. We have an old shed or I should say the frame of a shed with a roof, but it needs to be closed in. We are looking for six pieces of plywood and six pieces of dow board. We are also looking for someone with carpentry skills to close it in for us. We need large heated water bowls, styrofoam coolers and plastic totes.

Our intentions are to get all of these cats altered to break the life cycle so there will be no more unwanted cats struggling to survive.  We cannot do this without your help.  We still have at least 12 more cats to alter and that is not in our budget.  If anyone would like to sponsor one of these cats for $100 you can make a donation to our paypal acoount or send a check to The Ark Animal Sanctuary 70 Main St. Houlton Me. 04730.

Now I am sure you are wondering where all of these cats have come from and that is something we are wondering as well. We have been told that this is a popular drop off site, so we have now installed cameras outside in the yard to monitor this.

This biggest problem is the area across the street. People get cats and don’t alter them and then when they move and can’t take the cat, they leave the cat behind to fend for itself. And this is why there are so many unwanted cats.

We are under the gun to get this shelter for the cats done before the snow flies and would appreciate any help and support you could give us.  Help us keep them safe and warm for the winter. Make a difference in the life of one of these cats.  We will continue to give you updates on the situation but in the meantime keep these cats in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your continued support and as always thank you for reading our column.