TOPS (week of October 25, 2017)

6 years ago

The Houlton Chapter of TOPS held our meeting Friday, Oct. 20, at the Aldergate Building on Kelleran Street. There were 12 TOPS and four KOPS members present.

The loser of the week was our “Mystery Lady” and the runner-up was Barbara Troy.  Pam Richardson won the 50/50 and Betty Wyman won the Skinny Dish.

Cheryl Driscoll asked all how we are doing cutting back on sugar and carbs. It’s surprising how much sugar is in foods that we buy — spaghetti sauce to name just one. We need to read labels. Thank you, Cheryl, for this ongoing program.

Barbara Troy presented the program on the benefit of pumpkin seeds. The health and medical benefits are amazing. A medium sized pumpkin can have up to 500 seeds and these seeds can be roasted and used as a snack or on salads. Europe raises crops of pumpkins and the seeds are used to make pumpkin oil. This oil can then be used to cook with and may cut the rate of prostate and ovarian cancer.

Ten pumpkin seeds contain less than 60 calories and help lower your bad cholesterol. They also contain vitamin E, which maintains skin integrity. So try them — you’ll probably be as surprised at the taste as I was.

Come join our group for support in your journey to more healthy living. Call Pam Richardson at 538-8760 for more information.