Councilors’ decisions not always popular, but have city’s best interest at heart

6 years ago

To the editor:

So I hear daily that the people’s will is not heard by politicians. When you talk about Washington, D.C., they need to decide for 323 million people. In Maine that is 1.3 million and here in Presque Isle 9,106.  

When we interact with D.C. or the state, most are just names we see on a ballot. On your city council it is likely you have met every councilor or work with them or they are a neighbor. These 7 men and women ran for office out of an interest to help their community to grow and prosper. No PAC groups send money, no lobbyists come calling, and until recently, no big money buys ads to sway the public.

These 7 people don’t have anything waiting in the wings, no retirement plan, paid healthcare or big money speeches are coming. Nope, not a thing. Just some satisfaction that we have taken on the challenge of learning about the needs of the community and compiling facts that will help to make the best decision we can.  Hundreds of hours of meetings are attended, reports read and many nights of thought and even lost sleep over how to make this city work. We make decisions that may not be popular sometimes. But the trick is that what may seem popular by the public, may only be because the entire story is not known.

I have asked on a couple occasions, “Is it possible if you were to hear all the facts, that I have about this topic that you may change your opinion?” On both occasions, the response has been, “Well yes.”

And I guess this is my point.

We are not unresponsive, uncaring, out of touch. We are just trying to take into account all of the pieces and put them together in a way that makes sense. This is why the recent media campaign from a contract holder has made me mad. We have been beat up over a decision and they have fanned the flames because it was not favorable to them. So they have sought to discredit your council and have pitted neighbors against neighbors.

This is a new low in local politics. I know that the only goal any councilor, including myself, has is to do what is in the best interest of all of you. I want you to have a safe community, good jobs, a chance to get an education, recreate doing what makes you happy and have services that are priced affordably.

So stay connected to us as we will be with you. We of course are just a 7 person extension of the 9,106 of you. Thank you for you trust and your comradery.

I and your council hope that long after all of us are gone, the Star City continues to shine brightly and with all of us working together as a team, I know it will.

Craig R Green
Presque Isle