Customers, staff earn Fort Kent Subway national recognition

6 years ago

FORT KENT, Maine — The Fort Kent Subway restaurant is ranked number two in the United States for the percentage of customers who participate in the company’s rewards program.

There are more than 25,000 Subway franchises in the country.

The Subway MyWay Rewards program enables customers to earn $2 in credit toward Subway purchases for every $50 spent at the restaurants.

At the Fort Kent Subway, 12.42 percent of sales involve customers using the rewards program.

“We live in a community of people that watch what they spend, so offering a program like this excites us; if we can save them some money, they will be happy and that makes us happy,” said Colette Pelletier, Aroostook County Area Supervisor for Subway.

Pelletier attributes the success to the employees at the local restaurant.

“We have really good teamwork; everybody works together,” she said. “The time we take to explain the program and what the program does for customers is what makes us so successful.”

This is not the first time the Fort Kent Subway franchise has received national recognition.

In 2015, the restaurant ranked at the top for remote sales for Subway franchises nationwide. That same year, Subway named Pelletier 2015 Manager of the Year for the state of Maine.

Pelletier said she and her team intend to continue with their efforts to succeed at teaching customers about the rewards program.

“Our goal now is to be number one,” she said.