Katahdin High School presents 2018 scholarships

6 years ago

STACYVILLE, Maine — Katahdin Middle/High School officials presented a number of scholarships during high school awards night on June 8, 2018.

The scholarships, amounts and recipients follow.

Association Scholarship, 500, Emily Knowles.

Award of Appreciation, trophy, Kate Anderson.

Bell Fund Scholarship, 25, Shaylee Anderson.

Dr. Ron Blum, 200, Hannah Drew.

Bates Fuel, 100, Brody Guiggey.

Bowers Funeral Home, 100, Jazmine Cullins.

Melvin P. Craig Jr. Memorial Scholarship, 500, Kate Anderson; 500, Cooper Drew.

Amy Curtis Scholarship, Fund, 100, Cheyenne Unterreiner.

Christopher Curtis Memorial Scholarship, 500, Jordyn Ritchie.

Calvin Desrosier Memorial Scholarship, 100, Shyanne Foss.

Bobby Duffy Athlete Scholarship, 100, Chase Tapley.

Bob Dyer Educational Scholarship, 500, Kate Anderson.

Early College for ME, 500/four semesters, Leanne Fitzpatrick.

Eastmill Credit Union Scholarship, 500, Shaylee Anderson; 500, Brody Guiggey.

Ellis Family Market, 100, Shyanne Foss; 100, Ashley Falanka; 100, Andrew Cummings.

Phil Faulkner Athletic Scholarship, 100, Hannah Drew.

Jon Fenlason Memorial Scholarship, 100, Leanne Fitzpatrick.

The Grammie Elthea Scholarship, 200, Leanne Fitzpatrick.

Dustin J. Harris, 500, Chase Tapley.

Kevin Hunt Memorial Scholarship, 200, Jordyn Ritchie; 200, Natalie Rickards.

Houlton Regional Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, 500, Kate Anderson.

Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce, 500, Natalie Rickards.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union Scholarship, 300, Cooper Drew; 300, Nikolas Drew.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union Military Service Award, Rigoberto Otero.

Katahdin Area Boosters Club Scholarship, 300, Cheyenne Unterreiner; 300, Andrew Cummings.

Katahdin Chamber of Commerce, 500, Natalie Rickards.

Katahdin Middle and High School Scholarship, 500, Brian Noyes; 500, Chase Tapley; 500, Nathaniel Shimkaitis.

Katahdin Valley Health Center Employee Fund, 250, Natalie Rickards; 250, Shaylee Anderson.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship, 100, Jordyn Ritchie; 100, Andrew Cummings.

Mike Marquis Mechanical Inc., 500, Ashley Falanka; 300, Nathaniel Shimkaitis.

Mattie Morrison Lockett Scholarship Fund, 175, Cheyenne Unterreiner; 175, Brody Guiggey;

175, Brian Nason; 175, Jordyn Ritchie.

Maine Masonic Scholarship, Katahdin Lodge, 300, Nikolas Drew.

Molunkus Lodge, 300, Shaylee Anderson.

Maine Principal’s Association Award Plaque, Natalie Rickards.

Maine Principal’s Melmac Scholarship, 2,000, Cheyenne Unterreiner.

May Mountain Ski Association Scholarship, 100, Brody Guiggey.

Emma V. Milliken Memorial Hospital Scholarship, 250, Jordyn Ritchie.

Millinocket Regional Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, 500, Jordyn Ritchie.

Millinocket Regional Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship, 500, Hannah Drew.

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship, 2,000 per year, Natalie Rickards.

Molunkus Valley Chapter 95 Order of Eastern Star, 100, Shaylee Anderson.

Most Improved Student Trophy, Shaylee Anderson.

Ricker Scholarship, 1,500/four years, Kate Anderson.

Patten Academy Scholarship, 950, Kate Anderson; 950, Shaylee Anderson; 850, Jazmine Cullins; 850, Cooper Drew; 1,350, Hannah Drew; 900, Nikolas Drew; 850, Brian Nason; 1,200, Natalie Rickards.

Patten Drug Scholarship, 250, Hannah Drew; 250, Leanne Fitapatrick.

Patten Woman’s Club Scholarship, 500, Hannah Drew.

Qualey Family Trades Scholarship, 1,000, Chase Tapley.

Lawrence and Geneva Robinson Scholarship, 400, Jazmine Cullins; 400, Andrew Cummings; 400, Brian Nason.

Second LT. Leslie A. Dickinson Jr. Merit Award, 200/Bowl, Chase Tapley.

School Citizenship Award Trophy, Andrew Cummings; Hannah Drew.

School Spirit Award Trophy, Jordyn Ritchie; Kate Anderson.

School Service Trophy, Leanne Fitzpatrick, William Schilkowski.

Shampooches Grooming Salon Scholarship, 500, Nikolas Drew.

Sherman High School Alumni Scholarship, Kate Anderson, Shaylee Anderson, Jazmine Cullins, Cooper Drew, Hannah Drew, Nikolas Drew.

Clayton and Barbara Sides, 1,800, Cheyenne Unterreiner.

Southern Aroostook Trappers Chapter Scholarship, 100, Hannah Drew.

Sportsman of the Year Trophy, Rigoberto Otero.

Sportswoman of the Year Trophy, Natalie Rickards.

Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church, 100, Shayanne Foss.

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence, Natalie Rickards.

Distinguished Athlete, Natalie Rickards and Chase Tapley.

Washburn Memorial Church, 250, Brody Guiggey.

Joe Wilcox Memorial Scholarship, 500, Jordyn Ritchie.

Honor Students

Valedictorian: Natalie Rickards.

Salutatorian: Jordyn Ritchie.

Honor Student: Kate Anderson, Shaylee Anderson, Hannah Drew, Leanne Fitzpatrick and Brian Nason.