151 tee off in senior men’s tourney

6 years ago

MARS HILL, Maine — A group of 151 golfers participated in the second Upper St. John Valley Seniors men’s tournament, held at Mars Hill Country Club Wednesday, June 27. The top three gross and net scorers from each of the six divisions are as follows:

Division A: first gross, Warren Walker, Va Jo Wa, 76; first net, Dave Plourde, Edmundston, 71; second gross, Joe Sullivan, Covered Bridge, 76; second net, Rick Pelletier, Long Lake, 72; third gross, Jerry York, Houlton, 76 and third net, Curtis Sappier, Aroostook Valley, 73.

Division B: first gross, Steve Francoeur, Edmundston, 77; first net, Richard Flowers, Houlton, 70; second gross, Shaun Dolamont, Houlton, 82; second net, Carter Kennedy, Aroostook Valley, 72; third gross, Norval Sappier, Aroostook Valley, 82; and third net, Ray Mersereau, Mars Hill, 74.

Division C: first gross, Paul Breau, Edmundston, 84; first net, Mike Glew, Long Lake, 71; second gross, Dan Ayoob, Aroostook Valley, 85; second net, Lewis Pelkey, Covered Bridge, 72; third gross, Dale Plourde, Caribou, 87; and third net, Gerald Toner, Grand Falls, 73.

Division D: first gross, George Watson, Presque Isle, 83; first net, Charlie Pierce, Mars Hill, 71; second gross, Pat Kelley, Portage Hills, 89; second net, Bruce Hanson, Covered Bridge, 71; third gross, Mike Beaulieu, Caribou, 90; and third net, Richard Martin, Fort Kent, 74.

Division E: first gross, Ken Hensler, Caribou, 92; first net, Jeff Everett, Caribou, 74; second gross, Joseph Staples, Covered Bridge, 86; second net, Graydon McCrum, Aroostook Valley, 75; third gross, Scottie Flannery, Houlton, 96; and third net, Dale Lavway, Mars Hill, 76.

Division F: first gross, John Bradley, Limestone, 93; first net, Brent Kelley, Va Jo Wa, 74; second gross, Elwood Doody, Caribou, 101; second net, Dave Peterson, Caribou, 74; third gross, Scott Collins, Fort Kent, 101; and third net, Dana Crory, Mars Hill, 74.

The next tournament will be held at Fort Kent July 11.