Young track athletes from across Aroostook move on to state meet

6 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The Maine Recreation and Parks Association Track and Field North Region Qualifier was held last Tuesday, June 26, at Caribou High School.

Formerly known as the Hershey Track and Field Program, the meet included athletes from numerous Aroostook County communities vying for the chance to compete in the state meet at Bangor’s Cameron Stadium July 10.

Local communities participating hailed from Ashland, Caribou, Easton, Fort Fairfield, Fort Kent, Houlton, Limestone, Madawaska, Mars Hill, Presque Isle, Washburn and Woodland.

Results, which include the top four and their times or distances, are as follows:

Ages 7-8 girls

50-meter dash: first, Zivah Peterson, Woodland, 10.13 seconds; second, Kaitlyn Crouse, Caribou, 10.23; third, Brenna Carlow, Easton, 10.41; and fourth, Avery Soloman, Fort Fairfield, 10.6.

100-meter dash: first, Sophie Blackstone, Easton, 18.1 seconds; second, Shara Fraser, Caribou, 18.34; third, Peterson, 19.42; and fourth, Lillian Bell, Caribou, 20.25.

400-meter dash: first, Luna Erickson, Houlton, 1:32.44; second, Fraser, 1:34.47; third, Emma Graves, Caribou, 1:35.18; and fourth, Sara Cassidy, Easton, 1:40.6.

800-meter run: first, Crouse, 3:43.54; second, Carlow, 3:51.05; third, Isabella Albert, Caribou, 3:57.09; and fourth, Bell, 4:18.06.

200-meter dash: first, Graves, 41.54 seconds; second, Sophie Blackstone, Easton, 41.66; third, Erickson, 42.5; and fourth, Isabella Robbins, Caribou, 45.27.

Standing long jump: first, Sophie Watson, Houlton, 5 feet, 4 inches; second, Crouse, 4-10; third, Devoe, 4-10; and fourth, Carlow, 4-7.

Softball throw: first, Bell, 61 feet; second, Peterson, 46-5; third, Blackstone, 42-0; and fourth, Tatum McBreairty, Woodland, 41-0.

4×100-meter relay: first, Caribou A, 1:25.4; second, Houlton, 1:26.95; third, Easton, 1:27.76; and fourth, Caribou B, 1:35.03.

Ages 9-10 girls

50-meter dash: first, Mylee Sylvia, Houlton, 8.32 seconds; second, Lilly Burtt, Mars Hill, 9.07; third, Harleigh Allen, Mars Hill, 9.13; and fourth, Haily Campbell, Washburn, 9.2.

100-meter dash: first, Leah Hebert, Fort Kent, 16.42 seconds; second, Dianaliz Conde, Madawaska, 17.02; third, Chloe Blackstone, Easton, 17.21; and fourth, Abrianna McDonald, Mars Hill, 17.59.

400-meter dash: first, Madeleine Martin, Fort Kent, 1:23.96; second, Kaylee Harris, Presque Isle, 1:29.61; third, Payton Devoe, Fort Kent, 1:30.36; and fourth, Taylor St. Peter, Caribou, 1:32.77.

800-meter run: first, Devoe, 3:33.84; second, Jayden Holmes, Woodland, 4:01.75; and third, Caela Day, Caribou, 7:26.22.

200-meter dash: first, Martin, 35.71 seconds; second, Hebert, 36.0; third, Conde, 37.02; and fourth, Karyssa Kenney, Houlton, 38.06.

Standing long jump: first, Martin, 6 feet, 5 inches; second, Victoria Ervin, Houlton, 6-0; third, Sylvia, 5-11; and fourth, Allen, 5-10.

Softball throw: first, Hayden Keep, Easton, 59 feet; second, Holmes, 57-0; third, Phoebe Butler, Woodland, 56-0; and fourth, Abby Siddiqui, Easton, 47-3.

4×100-meter relay: first, Houlton B, 1:13.18; second, Fort Kent, 1:13.88; third, Caribou, 1:21.38; and fourth, Presque Isle, 1:21.63.

Ages 11-12 girls

100-meter dash: first, Camille Callnan, Houlton, 14.96 seconds; second, Amaril Weaver, Fort Kent, 15.71; third, Kaylee McCrum, Mars Hill, 15.94; and fourth, Jayden Harvell, Presque Isle, 16.24.

1,600-meter run: first, Olivia Locke, Presque Isle, 6:31.66; second, Kaitlyn Kenney, Houlton, 7:02.1; third, Mea Ouellette, Caribou, 7:27.45; and fourth, Chloe Lento, Easton, 8:58.79.

400-meter dash: first, Lily Oliver, Fort Kent, 1:15.2; second, Mia Shaw, Presque Isle, 1:18.27; third, Lilly Clair, Mars Hill, 1:18.47; and fourth, Logan Bernier, Easton, 1:22.33.

800-meter run: first, Shaw, 3:09.68; second, Ariana Ardell, Houlton, 3:10.23; third, Calli Sylvia, Houlton, 3:12.88; and fourth, Oliver, 3:13.52.

200-meter dash: first, Callnan, 31.63 seconds; second, Bernier, 33.66; third, Neve Guerrette, Presque Isle, 34.24; and fourth, Harvell, 34.69.

Standing long jump: first, Oliver, 6 feet, 5 inch; second, Sylvia, 6-2; third, Grace Ellis, Easton, 6-1; and fourth, Ardell, 6-1.

Softball throw: first, Elizabeth Roy, Fort Kent, 97 feet; second, Kenney, 92-7; third, Callnan, 83-3; and fourth, Emelia Voisine, Fort Kent, 79-0.

4×100-meter relay: first, Fort Kent A, 1:07.23; second, Presque Isle A, 1:07.39; third, Houlton B, 1:09.39; and fourth, Presque Isle B, 1:09.76.

Ages 13-14 girls

100-meter dash: first, Emily Straetz, Presque Isle, 15.06 seconds; second, Phoebe Soloman, Fort Fairfield, 15.88; third, Taylor Marston, Presque Isle, 16.08; and fourth, Abby Fitzpatrick, Houlton, 16.31.

400-meter dash: first, Abby Johnston, Presque Isle, 1:14.09; second, Nancy Martin, Fort Kent, 1:16.69; third, Marston, 1:17.16; and fourth, Soloman, 1:21.64.

800-meter run: first, Austyn Cowley, Easton, 3:39.08.

200-meter dash: first, Martin, 32.04 seconds; second, Straetz, 32.27; third, Johnston, 33.53; and fourth, Kassidy Blackstone, Mars Hill, 34.2.

Standing long jump: first, Martin, 7 feet, 5 inches; second, Payten Voisine, Fort Kent, 6-7.5; third, Maggie McQuade, Easton, 6-3; and fourth, Fitzpatrick, 5-10.

Softball throw: first, Soloman, 102 feet; second, Straetz, 99-4; third, Johnston, 90-2; and fourth, Emma Butler, Woodland, 89-5.

4×100-meter relay: first, Fort Kent, 1:06.14.

Ages 7-8 boys

50-meter dash: first, Jared Coty, Easton, 9.17 seconds; second, Nason Nadeau, Washburn, 9.62; third, Reed Michaud, Fort Kent, 9.84; and fourth, Bradley Laster, Fort Fairfield, 10.62.

100-meter dash: first, Ryder Leavitt, Fort Fairfield, 18.01 seconds; second, Owen Tetlow, Caribou, 18.54; third, Reed Michaud, Fort Kent, 18.66; and fourth, Tristen Merchant, Caribou, 18.76.

400-meter dash: first, Merchant, 1:33.87; second, Andrew Rosser, Caribou, 1:36.91; third, Rona Tateishi-Ouellette, Woodland, 1:44.25; and fourth, Riley Eye, Caribou, 1:46.2.

800-meter run: first, Coty, 3:19.03; second, Riggs Peterson, Woodland, 3:38.31; third, Tetlow, 3:42.53; and fourth, Eye, 3:59.58.

200-meter dash: first, Leavitt, 41.12 seconds; second, Quinn Pelletier, Madawaska, 43.06; third, Couraj Babin, Fort Kent, 43.93; and fourth, Daxon Milton, Fort Fairfield, 44.29.

4×100-meter relay: first, Fort Fairfield, 1:26.83; second, Caribou A, 1:26.91; third, Houlton, 1:28.8; and fourth, Easton, 1:28.97.

Standing long jump: first, Michaud, 4 feet, 9.5 inches; second, Coty, 4-8; third (tie), Tommy King, Fort Kent, 4-5; Tetlow, 4-5; and Babin, 4-5.

Softball throw: first, Jackson Dow, Easton, 76 feet; second, Leavitt, 67-9; third, Nadeau, 65-5; and fourth, Camden Codrey, Caribou, 65-0.

Ages 9-10 boys

50-meter dash: first, Joshua Harvell, Presque Isle, 8.65 seconds; second, Nathan Tompkins, Presque Isle, 8.83; third (tie), Jaden Jeffers, Fort Kent, 9.19; and Avery Nadeau, Washburn, 9.19.

100-meter dash: first, Aden Jeffers, Fort Kent, 15.96 seconds; second, Harvell, 16.75; third, Drew Lamoreau, Easton, 17.2; and fourth, Raiden Cochran, Easton, 17.29.

400-meter dash: first, Lamoreau, 1:19.86; second, Kaleb Nickerson, Fort Fairfield, 1:22.43; third, Ethan Willard, Fort Fairfield, 1:24.41, and fourth, Camden O’Donnell, Presque Isle, 1:24.84.

800-meter run: first, O’Donnell, 3:07.46; second, TeWalde Stewart, Caribou, 3:15.63; third, Noah Tricarico, Fort Kent, 3:18.63; and fourth, Parker Harris, Presque Isle, 3:20.68.

200-meter dash: first, Aden Jeffers, 35.15 seconds; second, Kaleb Nickerson, Fort Fairfield, 37.2; third, Brody Libby, Houlton, 37.21; and fourth, Jayden Thompson, Fort Fairfield, 38.24.

4×100-meter relay: first, Presque Isle, 1:10.14; second, Fort Kent, 1:11.7; third, Fort Fairfield, 1:14.08; and fourth, Easton, 1:14.38.

Standing long jump: first, Lamoreau, 6 feet, 1/2 inch; second, David Shaw, Presque Isle 5-6; third, (tie) Gagnon, 5-5; and Jaden Jeffers, 5-5.

Softball throw: first, O’Donnell, 100 feet; second, Aden Jeffers, 89-0; third, Nathan Tompkins, Presque Isle, 85-0; and fourth (tie), Tricarico, 79-0; and Willard, 79-0.

Ages 11-12 boys

100-meter dash: first, Edison Sleeper, Caribou, 15.14 seconds; second, Isaac Staples, Presque Isle, 15.32; third, Evan Durepo, Limestone, 15.74; and fourth, Demarion Gagnon, Caribou, 15.98.

1,600-meter run: first, Marcus Olmstead, Caribou, 7:22.12; second, Braden Pelletier, Caribou, 7:55.73; and third, Logan White, Caribou.

400-meter dash: first, Killian Deschaine, Presque Isle, 1:19.1; second, Isaac Beaulieu, Madawaska, 1:21.16; third, Gagnon, 1:21.18; and fourth, Landon Leavitt, Fort Fairfield, 1:22.76.

800-meter run: first, Deschaine, 3:26.68; second, Eli Mosher, Presque Isle, 3:45.17; third, Sam Sharpe, Madawaska, 4:12.99; and fourth, White, 4:35.05.

200-meter dash: first, Isaac Staples, 31.81 seconds; second, Durepo, 33.24; third, Sleeper, 33.24; and fourth, Leavitt, 34.41.

4×100-meter relay: first, Caribou B, 1:06.43; second, Presque Isle, 1:06.8; third, Fort Fairfield, 1:07.57; and fourth, Caribou A, 1:18.46.

Standing long jump: first, Blake King, Easton, 6 feet, 9.5 inches; second, Durepo, 6-8; third, Sleeper, 6-7; and fourth, Leavitt, 6-1.

Softball throw: first, Staples, 113 feet, 6 inches; second, Gagnon, 111-0; third, Beaulieu, 104-0; and fourth, Deacon Connell, 101-0.

Ages 13-14 boys

100-meter dash: first, Kye Flewelling, Houlton, 13.86 seconds; second, Christopher Tardie, Washburn, 14.96; third, Blake Senal, Fort Fairfield, 18.33; and fourth, Nathan Everitt, Fort Fairfield, 28.03.

1,600-meter run: first, George Ferland, Woodland, 6:00.4.

400-meter run: first, Cameron Desrosier, Madawaska, 1:14.53; second, Senal, 1:33.09; and third, Weldon McPherson, Washburn, 1:39.37.

800-meter run: first, Ferland, 2:55.93; and second, George Weaver, Fort Kent, 3:04.47.

200-meter dash: first, Flewelling, 27.31 seconds; second, Desrosier, 29.72; third, McPherson, 41.87; and fourth, Everitt, 1:02.59.

Standing long jump: first, Flewelling, 7 feet, 8 inches; second,Christopher Tardie, 7-7.5 third, Desrosier, 7-5; and fourth, Jaymes Weaver, Fort Kent, 5-10.

Softball throw: first,Christopher Tardie, 165 feet; second, Ferland, 108-6; third, Jaymes Weaver, 98-0; and fourth, Senal, 80-0.


(Photos by Kevin Sjoberg)