Southern Aroostook students to start college with scholarships

6 years ago

DYER BROOK, Maine — Southern Aroostook Community High School seniors received scholarship awards as listed below at their graduation ceremony held on Friday, June 8.

Principal Jonathan Porter presented awards to: Rebecca Crandall — the Tyler Grand Maison MELMAC Scholarship, $2,000, renewable for up to four years; and Hunter Walker —  an anonymous scholarship, $1,000; The Ricker College Scholarship, $1,500, renewable for four years; and Maine Elks Association Scholarship, $1,000.

Guidance Counselor Jessica Walker presented to: Hunter Walker — the George Mitchell Scholarship, $9,500, distributed over four years; and Maine State Golf Association Scholarship, $1,500, renewable for four years; and Tabitha Drake — the Northern Maine Community College Presidential Scholarship, $1,000.

Former SACS graduate Thomas Frazier presented the Novatus Energy Scholarship on behalf of his company to Hunter Walker, $2,000.

The Jarrica Rose Emery Memorial Scholarship, $500, presented by Jarrica’s mother, Cindy Emery, went to Emily Bubar.

Former business teacher Constance Bartlett presented the following scholarships to: Hanna Marley — an Oakfield Thriftway Scholarship, $100, and the Darrell Porter Memorial Scholarship, $100; and Rebecca Crandall, American Legion Post #52 scholarship, $100.

Crystal Briggs Folsom presented a $200 scholarship in memory of her father, Arthur Briggs, to Rebecca Crandall.

Island Falls High School alumnus Rebecca Drew presented two $500 scholarships to SACS seniors with ties to Island Falls High School alumni:  Arianna Rigby and Hunter Walker; and David Ryan Memorial Scholarships, $250 each, to Tabitha Drake and Arianna Rigby.

Diana Cullinan Betschner presented two $300 scholarships in memory of her father, Peter Cullinan, to Rebecca Crandall and Hunter Walker.

Rachel Daniels presented the Katahdin Club Scholarship for $100 to Hunter Walker.

Guidance Counselor Walker presented the Dollars for Scholars scholarships, which totaled $21,550, as follows:

Malcolm and Priscilla Palmer Scholarships, $1,000 each: Rebecca Crandall, Tabitha Drake, Arianna Rigby, Zara Steward and Hunter Walker.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union Scholarship, $300, Hunter Walker.

Katahdin Valley Health Center Scholarship, $250, Emily Bubar.

Bruce Crandall Memorial Scholarships, $100 each, Emily Bubar and Rebecca Crandall.

Kevin Hunt Memorial Scholarship, $200, Emily Bubar.

Emma V. Milliken Scholarship, $250, Tabitha Drake.

Emily Bubar received an Oakfield Thriftway Scholarship, $100; the Phil Sherman Memorial Scholarship, $100; and an Oakfield Alumni Scholarship, $500.

Rebecca Crandall received the Bates Fuel Scholarship, $100; Bernal and Gladys Clark Memorial Scholarship, $100; Oakfield Thriftway Scholarship, $100; Mary Ann Sprague Edwards Memorial Scholarship, $100; Furniture and Floors North Scholarship, $100; Houlton Rotary Scholarship, $250; Katahdin Cedar Log Homes Scholarship, $250; Katahdin Trust Company Scholarship, $250; S. H. Nevers Scholarship, $100; RSU 50 Education Association Scholarship, $400; Southern Aroostook Educational Trust  Scholarship, $500; Oakfield Alumni Scholarship, $500; and Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, $2,500.

Tabitha Drake received the Dr. Ronald Blum Scholarship, $250; the Bev Clark Memorial Scholarship (in memory of all deceased Oakfield Alumni), $100; the Ted Friel Memorial Scholarship, $100; and the Houlton Rotary Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, $500.

Arianna Rigby received the Community Living Assoc. Scholarship, $100.

Hunter Walker received the following:  from the Bowers Scholarship Fund, $100; Diane Desmond Memorial Scholarship, $100; Edwards Family Memorial Scholarship, $100; Ted and Patti Hartin Scholarship, $50; Arthur and Jacob Shur Memorial Scholarship, $200; Houlton Rotary Scholarship, $250; Island Falls Lakes Association Scholarship, $250; Katahdin Trust Company Scholarship, $250; Southern Aroostook Education Trust Scholarship $500; and Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, $2,500.