Heat advisory issued in Maine

6 years ago

Large portions of Maine, including southern and central Aroostook, could feel as warm at 100 degrees on Monday, prompting an official warning about the sticky, sweltering air.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for most of coastal and interior Maine at noon, urging people to avoid strenuous outdoor activity and drink lots of water. The afternoon heat index is predicted to clock temperatures in the upper 90s, air that will feel especially oppressive because of the high level of humidity, according to the weather service.

In Greater Bangor on Monday, the high is expected to reach 95 degrees, but it could feel at hot at 102, the forecast predicts.

Temperatures in Aroostook are expected to hit 93 in Presque Isle where it might feel as high as 96, according to the NWS. Temperatures in Caribou and Houlton are expected to reach 91 and 92, respectively.

Isolated showers and thunderstorms should reduce temperatures in The County to the high 60 by tonight and to low to mid-80s by tomorrow.

The combination of heat and humidity on Monday, however, will increase a person’s chance of becoming ill because of heat stroke, especially for those with stressed respiratory systems or existing health problems. The weather service urges folks to drink plenty of water and find cool, air conditioned places to remain throughout the afternoon.

The advisory will last until 6 p.m. It comes after a string a scorching, sticky days that have been keeping temperatures in Maine in the 80s.

As the sun goes down on Bangor Monday, the heat is predicted to break into windy thunderstorms just before 10 p.m.