TOPS (week of August 8, 2018)

6 years ago

We held our weekly TOPS meeting at the Aldergate Building Friday, July 27. There were nine TOPS and four KOPS members present.

The loser of the week was Marsha Reed and the runner-up was Denise Clark. Good job, girls. The 50/50 was won by Charlotte Marley and the skinny dish was won by Diane Folsom. The health basket was won by Pam Richardson.

Charlotte Marley has a contest going on the second week. We keep adding beads on our pins. It’s fun to see who will fill their pin first.

Don’t forget to make our weekly phone calls. Keeping in touch is so necessary for the support we all need.

Barbara Troy led us in some mild exercises, using weights this week. Thanks, Barbara.

Jean Merritt gave the program from a TOPS magazine, based on “My Day No. 1.” Our magazines are full of healthy ideas, including exercises and yummy recipes.

So look at and use the hints we find. Think of your body as a house, starting with a healthier foundation. Just take one step at a time toward these lifestyle changes. Surprise yourself at how easy it can become.

Come join us for the support to start “Your Day No. 1.” For more information call Pam Richardson.