Pleased with Collins’ decision

5 years ago

To the editor:

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and admiration for the courageous stance Sen. Susan Collins took in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation. Her speech and the defense for the reasoning behind her decision was so well-thought-out and explained to the nationwide audience that I felt sure everyone, no matter their previous stance, would agree with and understand her vote. Alas, hatred blinded them to the truth.

Nevertheless, my heart swelled with pride as our senator, who has pro-choice preferences, put those feelings aside to do the fair and the right thing. There was so much more riding on this vote than just a Supreme Court confirmation, especially for those of us who are brothers, sons, husbands and fathers. It surprised me how quietly rights we sometimes take for granted can be endangered by a few individuals with devious agendas.

Thank you very much, senator. You made Maine real proud and you absolutely did the right thing.

Clare Kierstead

Presque Isle