Hawks to host preseason hoops tourney

6 years ago

HODGDON, Maine — Basketball season is only a few weeks away, but fans of the sport will once again have an opportunity to satisfy their hoop hunger this Friday and Saturday at Hodgdon Middle-High School.

The annual Hodgdon Pre-Season Tournament has become a staple of the post-Thanksgiving Day holiday, with teams traveling from around the region to participate in the two-day event.

This year, squads from Woodland, Easton, Katahdin, Greater Houlton Christian Academy and Southern Aroostook will join Hodgdon for the tourney.

Games will include two 20-minute halves, using the “running time” format, which means the clock does not stop in order to make sure the games finish in the one-hour time slot. In the final two minutes of the second half, regular clock stoppage will be observed. Each team will have a 10-minute warm up period, and there will be a five-minute halftime break.

The schedule for games is as follows:
Friday, Nov. 25 — Woodland girls vs. SA, 9 a.m.; Woodland boys vs. SA, 10 a.m.; Woodland girls vs. Katahdin, 11 a.m.; Woodland boys vs GHCA, noon; Easton girls vs. SA, 1 p.m.; Easton boys vs SA, 2 p.m.; Easton girls vs. Katahdin, 3 p.m.; Easton boys vs. GHCA, 4 p.m.; Hodgdon girls vs Katahdin, 5 p.m.; and Hodgdon boys vs. GHCA, 6 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 26 — Hodgdon girls vs. SA, 9 a.m.; Hodgdon boys vs. SA, 10 a.m.; Katahdin girls vs. SA, 11 a.m.; GHCA boys vs. SA, noon; Hodgdon girls vs. Easton, 1 p.m.; Hodgdon boys vs. Easton, 2 p.m.; Woodland girls vs. Easton, 3 p.m.; Woodland boys vs. Easton, 4 p.m.; Woodland girls vs. Hodgdon, 5 p.m.; and Woodland boys vs. Hodgdon, 6 p.m.

The cost is $5 for adults and $2 for students, which is good for the entire day of basketball. A wide variety of concessions also will be sold by the school’s booster club.