For the love of snow

6 years ago

Snow. For some, it is a four-letter word to be cursed and complained about for months on end. For others, it is a welcomed transition from the dull, deadness after the fall colors have faded.

And then there are the children. What child does not get giddy with excitement as the first “real” snow of the year falls, allowing the creation of snowmen and snowball fights with friends?

There is something truly magical about the first snow of the season and each year in our household it plays out like a scene from the classic animated holiday show “Frosty the Snowman.”  

“It’s snowing!” my youngest daughter Olivia will exclaim each year as she bounds to the window with wonder. My wife’s tone and excitement factor are far different when I hear those exact same words usually uttered by her a few moments later. Her words are usually followed up with a “Seriously?”

The first significant snowfall blanketed The County back on Oct. 24, which was a bit earlier than usual. About 6 inches of snow fell in the Houlton area, which was enough to cover the jack o’lanterns sitting on our front steps.

The snow did not last, however, as it melted away in time for Halloween. Less than two weeks later, round two of the white stuff dropped significant amounts of snow in some parts of The County. The Presque Isle area received nearly a foot of snow this past Tuesday, while the St. John Valley saw about 6 inches, with lower amounts reported in southern Aroostook.

Another blast of winter is expected to arrive Friday, as the Houlton area is expected to receive up to 8 inches, while other parts of The County are forecast to receive lesser amounts. Chances are, it means the snow is here to stay.

Seeing all this snow on the ground immediately kicks in my desire for Christmas decorations. Usually, we put off decking the halls in our home until Thanksgiving weekend, but this year, I think we may get started a bit earlier than usual.

The holiday tunes have already been playing thanks to online streaming music, and Christmas movies are already plentiful on the Hallmark channel, so I guess I might as well give in. Besides, decking the halls sure does beat shoveling.

Joseph Cyr is the senior reporter/sports editor for the Houlton Pioneer Times.