Daughters of Isabella, Holy Rosary Circle 638, February 2019

Bea Pirie, Special to The County
5 years ago

The Daughters of Elizabeth is a welcoming community of ladies whose mission is to share the Good News of Christ through service to all.  We welcome any interested lady to join our organization and hope that you will experience our love for God and neighbor.

The February 2019 meeting started with Sharon Perreault winning the 50/50 raffle and donating her share back to the Circle.  There were no February Birthday ladies present. Regent Elaine Haines called to order a short business meeting at 6:08 PM. Past Regent Mary Ellen Field sat in for Financial Secretary Gail Hjort.  Chaplain Fr. Agustin led the Circle in Opening Prayer, followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Draping of the Charter: The Draping of the Charter for our deceased members Germaine Michaud and Norma Shaw was led by Regent Elaine Haines, Vice Regent Dolores Martin and Chancellor Elizabeth Long. The Circle sang ‘O What Could My Jesus Do More?’  Regent Elaine thanked those ladies who were able to attend services for Germaine and Norma.

Chancellor Long shared the February reflection that focused on the First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden.

Chaplain Fr. Agustin shared a message with the Circle. He explained that our Parish is entering Part 2 of the Disciple Maker Index and we are encouraged to take the survey. He had paper copies for us to bring to those who do not have Internet access. Secondly, he stressed the importance of reaching out to others especially those in hospitals, nursing homes and those who are homebound. We need to continue to do the mission of God.

Roll Call of Officers was taken.  Recording Secretary Jeanine Morneault presented January minutes. Elizabeth Long made a motion to accept minutes as read with a second by Rita Worley.

The Circle’s communication consisted of:  a card from Bob Foley, Thank you card from Linda LaBreck (Van Buren), Germaine Michaud’s niece, Thinking of the group card from Bea Pirie, e-mail from Cindy Blanchette and Mary Ellen Field re: March 29th Stations of the Cross. Dolores Martin and Nancy Saucier will lead with Gail Hjort as back-up letter from International Regent Susanne Suchy, who extended greetings for the New Year and thanked Circles for Christmas greetings. Bishop Donald Hancon is our new Episcopal Advisor. Aline Larabie passed away on January 26, 2019; she was a past international officer and Past Sudest-Ontatarien State Regent. The Circle received a letter from State Regent Martha Dufour ,who reminded us of her project Presence Radio (now part of Relevant Radio).  Regent Elaine encouraged recruitment of new members; she has handed out three applications. Vice Regent Dolores Martin sent card to Gail Hjort; Elizabeth Long sent one to Sonia Labbe and she visited both Omerine Cyr and Annette Harmon.  

Anyone wishing to buy Discount Cards contact Dolores Martin or any Daughter.                                    

Reminder to continue praying our Rosary for the 31 Club and for our seminarians.   

Queen Isabella 2019: Committee has been created to plan for Queen Isabella Day on April 27, 2019. This will most likely include Mass and a meal following. Committee includes:  Elaine Haines, Elizabeth Long, Mary Ellen Field and Sharon Perreault.

Michelle Hersey motioned for the Circle to purchase a $20 ticket for Holy Rosary Interior Renovation Raffle. This was seconded by Elizabeth Long.  Jeanine Morneault shared that Faith Formation is having a raffle…the chance to win an authentic Indian meal prepared by Fr. Steve. Tickets are 1 one $1 or 6 for $5. Regent Elaine encouraged us to start collecting items for our Mother’s Day Basket for State Convention Basket Raffle.

Fr. Agustin invited us to attend the Followers of the Cross Rosary, Confession, Mass and meeting on the first Saturday of each month.