Demolition of Sincock and Learning Center buildings in Caribou nearly complete

5 years ago

Contractors on April 16 continue demolishing the former Caribou Learning Center, which is being torn down as part of a $50 million school project.
(Chris Bouchard | Aroostook Republican)

CARIBOU, Maine — Contractors have nearly finished tearing down the former Sincock Administrative building on Main Street and the Caribou Learning Center on Bennett Drive as part of a $50 million school project scheduled for completion next fall.

By Tuesday, equipment from Soderberg Construction, the lead contractor responsible for demolition, could be seen on both sites next to the remains of both buildings.

Demolition began in late December of last year, when contractors entered the buildings to deal with some asbestos and begin removing parts of the interiors. Workers began tearing down both buildings earlier this month.

Once the areas are cleared, the land will be used to meet land swap agreements with the city for Teague Park, where the new school is currently being built.