Cemetery in need of assistance

4 years ago

To the editor:

The Advent Cemetery in Limestone needs the community’s help. We are facing financial difficulties in maintaining this cemetery.

Back in the 19th century, a plot of ground was given by a family for the sole purpose of burying family who had passed on. At that time, an association was formed to manage the site and assess fees as necessary to maintain the grounds.

As transportation evolved, people moved away and the association dissolved. Within the past five years, the Advent Cemetery Association has been reformed and consists of a half-dozen volunteer members to manage resources and maintain the burial sites in a presentable manner.

Presently these are our options: 1) Raise money to provide capital to service the cemetery grounds; or 2) turn the upkeep of the cemetery back to the community and taxpayers, who then would have the option of closing the site to any future burials if they so desire.

Most of us have relatives or friends in these gravesites and changes in our economic structure have multiplied drastically in the past century.

The association is asking for your financial, manual and spiritual help if we are to keep control of the cemetery.

Lloyd McLaughlin
Advent Cemetery Sexton
Fort Fairfield