Folks recall fond memories of Father’s Day, look ahead to new traditions

4 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — With Father’s Day fast approaching, many people in central Aroostook are using the occasion to reflect on their own memories of the holiday and pass family traditions on to the next generations.

“I remember that when I was a kid the family would head to the lake on Father’s Day and spend some time together,” said Amy McLaughlin of Presque Isle, as she watched her 6-year-old son Andrew paint a colorful fish onto a Father’s Day card.

McLaughlin organizes Friday Mini Open Studio activities at Wintergreen Arts Center, where several children took the opportunity to create Father’s Day cards on June 7. Wintergreen volunteers previously drew outlines of fish for children to fill with bright colors, with many cards bearing the phrase “Dad, you’re a catch.”

Young Andrew was much too busy painting his fish to think off the top of his head what he enjoys most about Father’s Day, but his mother was quick to point out his favorite activity.

“He likes to go fishing with his dad,” she said.

Ellie Griffin of Presque Isle might be only 3 ½ years old, but she’s already begun making fun memories with her dad.

“We like playing outside,” she said.

Ellie’s mother Katie Griffin recalls that during her childhood she would create Father’s Day cards every year much like the one Ellie painted. Like McLaughlin, she remembers simple but fun-filled days spent with her family at a lakeside camp on the holiday. She hopes to pass onto Ellie and 1-year-old Malachi the importance of quality time as a family.

“It’ll be a good time for us to celebrate a great dad and make the day special for him,” Katie Griffin said.