Eight from Aroostook receive drug, conspiracy indictments

5 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A federal grand jury in Bangor has indicted at least eight people from Aroostook County on one or more drug-related offenses, including conspiring to distribute methamphetamine. 

The following people from Presque Isle were indicted for allegedly possessing and conspiring to distribute a controlled substance between January 2017 and August 30, 2018, according to documents filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Bangor: Tyler Neece, 27, Andrew Maynard, 29, Tony Clayton, 41, Justin Michaud, 33, and Taylor Lovely, 32. 

A detention hearing to determine bail conditions for Maynard, Hayes, Clayton, Neece and Doody is tentatively set for Tuesday, July 30, according to the federal court clerk’s office. 

The grand jury indicted three other individuals — Rocky Hill Jr., 43, of Mapleton, Ryan Hayes, 43, of Easton and Angela Doody, 45, of Caribou — for multiple crimes relating to possession and conspiring to distribute. Doody also faces charges for using her telephone to conduct drug deals.

The documents further identified Brian Holmes, 39, of Jay, with separate charges for one count of possession and intent to distribute and another five counts of using his telephone to facilitate the distribution of controlled substances.

He is charged with intent to distribute 50 grams of methamphetamine and another 500 grams of a controlled substance believed to contain methamphetamine. 

The indictment listed 11 people in total, although the name of one individual who has yet to be arrested was redacted. In addition, two of the defendants, Hill and Michaud, are currently being held at separate correctional centers in Maine on state charges.

Holmes, who has a prior drug conviction, faces a minimum of 10 years imprisonment and a maximum sentence of life, a fine of up to $10 million, or both, if convicted in federal court. 

A trial date for the defendants has been tentatively set for Sept. 10 in Bangor.