Homecoming spirit persists despite rain

Kathy Miller, Special to the Star-Herald, Special to The County
4 years ago

The Mars Hill Rotary Club met on Tuesday, Aug. 13.  

Rotarian Kathy Miller gave an update on the Homecoming activities that were held over the weekend.  A huge crowd turned out for the ice cream social, even though it got rained out and moved inside on Thursday evening.  

Friday evening an even bigger crowd gathered for the Annual Rotary Car Hop Supper.  Health Bartley provided music in the Band Stand, and several participated in the Paint ‘n Sip provided by the Wintergreen Arts Center.

Saturday the parade went on as scheduled, even with the rain coming down.  Many umbrellas could be seen in the lineup, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those participating or watching the parade.  The events at noon in the parking lot got rained out, but the faithful food vendors stuck it out throughout the afternoon. The sun came out in time for the watermelon-eating contest. 

Star City Syndicate drew a large crowd in the Central Aroostook High School gymnasium for a late afternoon of music.  Many classes held their reunions throughout the afternoon and evening at various locations.  

On Sunday morning, The Big Run Around the Mountain was held with a huge turnout of participants and observers.   The final event of the weekend was the Gospel Concert in the Mars Hill Bandstand with a number of churches participating.  

Even with the rain it was a successful weekend, and planning will start soon for next year’s Homecoming, which will be held the second weekend in August.

It’s a new school year

Students at Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School were enthusiastically greeted by Principal Dr. Kay York and other members of the staff on the first day of school.  

At the Fort Street Elementary School, all students and staff gathered around the flagpole and bus driver Harold Kinney sang the National Anthem to kick off the school year.