PROBUS Club of Aroostook invites new members

4 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The PROBUS Club of Aroostook held their regular monthly meeting Dec. 19, 2019, in the Reed Commons Building on the Northern Maine Community College campus.

The Probus Club welcomes Aroostook citizens who are interested in becoming more aware of all that is upcoming or presently happening in the Presque Isle area to join. The club has monthly speakers, who informs the member about businesses, occupations, commerce, new companies, arts, markets and all manner of enterprises going on in our city and surrounding areas. 

The Probus Club requires only an interest in our community. It is not a political club. If interested, come and attend any of the meetings on the third Thursday of every month. We look forward to increasing our membership. Yearly dues are $25, which go toward a scholarship awarded to a worthy NMCC student.

President Dave Maxcy introduced the Christmas entertainers from Presque Isle High School, Landon Newlands and Rachel Ellis, who recently were stars in their successful school production of “Mary Poppins.” 

They sang a collection of seasonal Christmas music with much enthusiasm and fine voices.

The treasurer gave his report and stated that a check for the annual scholarship at NMCC for $500 was written. The recipient will address the club at a later date.

Janet Snow gave a heartfelt reading entitled “What Christmas Means to Me.” This poem was written by Gary Crocker in 1968 while he was serving in Vietnam.

A delicious Christmas luncheon was served in the NMCC dining room after the meeting.