Snowmobile Trail Report, Jan. 23, 2020

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
4 years ago

Another weekend and another storm was exactly what The County needed to get us close to 100 percent.   Most clubs have been very busy grooming and installing the last of their signs. Reports that I have been hearing are the trails are in very good shape.  The cold nights have certainly helped with getting the trails hard.

This coming weekend is the Long Lake Ice Fishing derby which is always a busy weekend out on our Fish River Chain of lakes, and a few other lakes in the area including Beau, Glazier, Carr Pond and the St. John River.  So, if you are out on any of these lakes please be aware of the extra people out fishing.  

Deer and moose are everywhere and so are the turkeys.  If you see one turkey there are more in the area, so please use caution.

Did you know more than 95 percent of Maine’s snowmobile trails are on private property? With 14,000 miles of trails, that’s a lot of generous landowners! Please respect landowners so Maine’s trails stay open:

Always stay on marked trails.

Remember that modified exhausts are illegal.

Follow the rules and ride safe.


Soldier Pond is reporting great conditions and are adding a few more signs before the weekend.

Walker siding is reporting that they will be all groomed by Thursday and are reporting trails to be in good shape.

Washburn is reporting that they will be on a nightly grooming schedule and are reporting excellent conditions.  They are also reporting that the new Trail Paver Drag is working awesome. They are going to finalize installing their last of the signs before the weekend.  Trail 61 is closed.

Nordic Lakers reporting that 105 and 81 are in good condition, with only a few water holes on 81, with the new snow this has certainly helped.

Portage Lakers are reporting that they have groomed everything and looking good.  They are reporting that they have their trails back from the logging operation.

Caribou is reporting good conditions.  All trails have been groomed several times since the snow.  The upper half of ITS 90W is now open. Stop signs are installed and arrows as well, markers will be installed over the weekend.  Caution is advised North of the Nutting road. We are in an Amish cow pasture and there are several sections of fencing that we needed to open, please stay on marked trail.   This section is very well marked but caution is still advised. Also, Deer are all over trail 83B in the York Street area. The trail going to Leo’s Citgo and Fredericks restaurant has not been marked yet, so please stay off this trail until it is open.  The extension of ITS 88 on the East side of the Aroostook river has been groomed to Fort bridge and the connection has also been completely signed and groomed from Lower Washington Ave over to Broadway street and up through to the park and ride. Remember that this is an alternate trail.

Fort Kent is reporting that trails are groomed.

Eagle Lake is reporting excellent conditions.  There is logging on 85 and caution should be used in these areas.

Fort Fairfield is reporting good conditions.  They have two water holes 116 and on 81 North and of the Strickland road, these areas are marked.  Connecter between 81 and 88 is still not open due to lack of snow.

St. Francis Sno-Angels reporting they have been over their whole trail system and reporting smooth conditions.  92 and 92A are all groomed. They are reporting a lot of moose activity near Chamberlain’s store so please use caution.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club reporting ITS 83 and 81 are in great shape.  #9 trail to Monticello and #9 Lake will be most likely closed all winter due to logging.  Signs are being knocked down by Moose in the T10R3 area on ITS 81 and trail 70A

Ashland is reporting they have been over all their trails and reporting good conditions.  71A is now open and signed, it is different than years past so please follow signs.

Allagash is reporting that ITS 120 and 92 are in great shape.  They have added extra caution signs on the St. Francis road where they cross an active logging area.  The Estcourt trail is being groomed on Wednesday and the other trails will be done again for the weekend.

Frenchville is reporting all trails groomed and in great shape.

Red Arrow is reporting excellent conditions and are out grooming every night.  All their signs are up and in good shape.

Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting full steam ahead with grooming and reporting great conditions.  They are reporting no washouts or problems.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club is reporting excellent conditions with no issues anywhere in their system.  They are out grooming every night.

Easton has been out and are reporting very good conditions.  All signs and markers are in place. They will be back out Thursday or Friday.

Madawaska is reporting all trails are in good condition and plan on signing the rest of the trails this weekend.

Grand Isle is reporting fields are still a little on the lite side, but woods are in good condition.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting 100% groomed and in good conditions.  

Van Buren is reporting good conditions with all trails open.  Logging operation on trail 94 in the Cyr Plantation area, it is signed, please use caution.

Limestone Snow Hawks have been out and are reporting that their trails are in good shape.  81, 89 and 100a are all freshly groomed. Caution is advised as there is a logging operation on trail 100A.  The trail is signed.

Caswell is reporting that all trails are groomed and still need to finish signing.


Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond Last night the Shin Pond groomers were out grooming. 
Tuesday night’s grooming is shown in yellow, Monday nights grooming is shown in pink and Sundays is shown in green on the map below.

Tristan groomed from Shin Pond on ITS114/85 North to meet Oxbow/85South towards Matagamon/71D to the Cunningham lookout.

JJ groomed from Shin Pond on ITS114/85South to Whetstone (PT13).

Club trail 64 to ITS81 and the Sugarloaf Loop we’re groomed on Monday.

Allen groomed from Matagamon on ITS85 North towards Shin Pond on Monday.

The trail conditions are very good. For any specific questions or concerns feel free to call Shin Pond Village at 207-528-2900

From the Benedicta Snow Gang, ITS 83 from Sherman to Whetstone is ready for the weekend.  All trails in system have been groomed all the way to Mattawamkeag. Caution is advised wardens to have been out, so please ride right, and ride responsibly.

Eastern Maine Snowmobile Club report that all trails in the system have been groomed.  Macwahoc South is marginal for snow, especially in the woods. Macwahoc North has excellent snow pack.  Trail #1 North does have 4 miles of plowed road between trail #3 and 3A. Stay right and go slow. Remember log trucks can’t stop on a dime.


PLANNING TO GET KELLY HILL TRAIL SATURDAY!  They are reporting good conditions.

East Grand Snowmobile Club is reporting trail 105 South of Danforth is groomed and well signed.  The plan is to have 105 North of Danforth groomed for the weekend to meet up with Linneus sno sports.  There is 24 hours pay at the pump gas, with 90 octane Ethanol Free at the Millyard restaurant. They will also be receiving a 2nd groomer during the weekend.

The Meduxnekeag Ramblers report ITS 86, 105 around the airport has been groomed out to Gardner Hill where they meet with Linneus Sno-Sports. They are still reporting some water holes off the Hollywood Road.  After 10 blowdowns and some rough fields the area is now cleared and open for sledding. All other trails in good shape.

Linneus Sno-Sports trails are groomed and ready for traffic.  They have a great base.  

Oxbow/Masardis Snowmobile Club reports After a foot of new power snow first of the week we have been able to get all our trails open and groomed. The extreme cold temps we had the first of the week has helped setup the trails. We hope to groom ITS 85/81 and ITS 86 again before the weekend. Our groomer has been in the shop the last couple of days for some repair, but we hope to have it back out Friday Morning. Expect to see the groomer out during the day.
Latest forecast call for more snow on Sunday, so we start all over again.

Lots of Moose and Deer on the trails, so expect the unexpected.

Please Stay on the Marked Trails or Unplowed Roads.

For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at


Benedicta SnoGang is hosting a hot dog roast this Saturday at the Intersection of ITS 85/83, which is 2.5 miles North of Whetstone.  It will be from 11-4.  

Linneus Sno-Sports are having Sunday breakfast from now until April 5.  From 7-10, with the kitchen remaining open for lunch.

Snowmobile/ATV safety course will be held Jan. 25 at the Caribou Wellness Center starting at 8am.  Please call 493-4224 to register. The course is free. Lunch will be provided.

Presque Isle snowmobile club will be hosting their Stew Nights starting this Friday night the 17th, from 5-7pm.   These will be on Friday nights for the remainder of the season.

Long lake ice fishing derby is January 24-25th on all of the Northern Lakes in the County.

Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse will be open Friday, Saturday 7am to 2pm and Sunday 7am to 12. 

St. Francis Sno-Angels clubhouse will be open on Saturdays for lunch starting at 11.  Pool tournament every Saturday starting at 7pm.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers snowsled clubhouse will be having Breakfast every Saturday during the season from 6-9.

Pleasant ridge riders snowmobile club will be having a breakfast on Sunday January 26 from 7-10, at 17 Pleasant Ridge Road Caswell.  $7 Adults, $4 Children. All proceeds benefit the groomer fund.