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Stay cool and be kind

I was mentioning to our board of directors this past week that I got a quarterly report from a large online retailer who will donate a portion of my purchases to a charity I select.

I had signed up a couple years ago and named the Central Aroostook Humane Society as my charitable organization of choice.  A couple of our board members were aware of this and our shelter manager Betsy said that she had signed on three years ago.

The society has received almost $700 from people who have signed up. Even though I am not a big “online shopper,” when I do order on occasion, a percentage of my purchases will go to the shelter.   

I truly do my best to shop our local businesses whenever possible, and highly recommend that if you can find it local, then buy it local.  Supporting our hometown establishments are what will keep their doors open to all of us, and this is so very important.

With these wicked hot and steamy record high temperatures that we have been experiencing, please be mindful of your animals.  Whether we are talking about dogs, cats, farm animals or your pet goat, these 90-plus temperatures are very dangerous.  

If possible, keep pets inside where it is cool.  If your pet goes outside, it is very important to provide a cool shady area and remember to have fresh water available at all times.

It goes without saying that you should never leave your pets in a hot vehicle. Literally, minutes can be deadly. They will be much safer and happier right in their own home.  

One more important part of surviving these hot days is also being a good neighbor.  Seniors are much more vulnerable to the harmful effects of heat, as their bodies do not adjust as well to sudden changes in temperature. Heat stroke, dehydration and heat exhaustion are very serious problems, not just for older adults but for everyone.  Be aware of the signs and what to do.  A quick check in or phone call to your neighbor or family member will be so appreciated and also provide peace of mind not only to you, but for them as well.

Enjoy a beautiful summer. Get out for walks and play time with your pets and family.

Check out the Central Aroostook Humane Society Facebook page for pets that are up for adoption. Remember to be responsible — spay and neuter your pets.

Gloria J. Towle is the secretary and a member of the board of directors of the Central Aroostook Humane Society.

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