Another voice of support

To the editor:

I wish to thank citizens Norma Milton and Freeman Cote for their public support of Councilor Doug Morrell and I wish to join their ranks.  

As in any democracy, there needs to be fair representation of the voters’ views, whether they be conservative or liberal.  If a disgruntled group of liberals wish to object to a conservative councilor’s actions, it is their right to do so. They should do so openly so the public can recognize who they are. Kudos to anyone that is secure enough in their convictions to be totally transparent in the presentation of their views.

  As we’ve seen on the national level, sometimes a person delivering a message is not the most cordial. In the end, the content of the message matters more than the delivery. 

Despite it always being easier to spend someone else’s money, Caribou citizens have limited funds to spend on public service and someone has to keep that in mind. I think we’ve had a good balance in recent years, with good quality city employees at a fair price. Yes, it would be great to have an indoor swimming pool and state-of-the-art police station, but we all have to live within our means.  

Thank you, Doug, for looking after the people that struggle to pay their property taxes every year.

Phil Cyr

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