BigRock Mountain works with ACAP’s Tobacco Prevention Team to update smoke free policy

3 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — BigRock Mountain, located in Mars Hill, is open for the season and encouraging the community to get  outside to enjoy some family friendly activities this winter.

Together with Aroostook County Action Program’s (ACAP) Tobacco Prevention Team, BigRock staff have worked to  develop a more comprehensive smoke free ski area policy. Along with the policy, Maine Prevention Services Smoke Free  Area Trifecta (combustible cigarette, e-cigarette, and marijuana) signage is displayed at six separate locations around  the mountain visible to slope attendees. BigRock’s marketing director and assistant general manager, Aaron Damon,  designed three incredible new BigRock Mountain signs. The signs will be located on the lodge and the locker cabin to  welcome skiers, boarders and all mountain visitors. This new design includes the Maine Prevention Services logo and  “No Smoking” symbols for the three major harmful smoke products, showing just how important it is to this business to  keep their ski area smoke free for the health of all. 

“Living in ‘The County’, we learn at a young age to enjoy the long winter season by participating in outdoor sports and  activities.” said Chastity Holland, community educator for tobacco prevention. She continued, “Attending outdoor  recreational activities where smoking is allowed can turn problematic for non-smokers, especially for children. This updated policy will help prevent these health hazards.”  

Second-hand smoke is dangerous even while outside. Organizations like BigRock Mountain want to provide the safest  experience possible for the individuals and families they serve. By creating and enforcing these smoke free policies they  are ensuring a healthy and safe experience for all.  

BigRock Mountain reached out to ACAP in an effort to become a part of the solution. Damon shared, “As a tobacco-free  (and now smoke-free) facility, we are excited to display our new signs around the base of BigRock Mountain. Working  with ACAP to direct us through this program and help create the most family friendly atmosphere directly aligns with our  mission. This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of ACAP’s Chastity Holland, and Maine Prevention  Services.”

ACAP’s Tobacco Prevention Team is committed to the health of Aroostook County communities and is excited to offer  comprehensive tobacco and smoke free policies to county businesses, municipalities, healthcare sites, and many other  entities. Interested partners would benefit from policy development as well trainings, literature and signage at no cost.  If your organization is interested in learning more about the benefits of this partnership, contact Chastity Holland at or 207-554-4113.  

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