County skiers compete in Alpine event

3 years ago

MARS HILL, Maine — Downhill skiers from nine schools converged on Big Rock Mountain Wednesday, Jan. 27, for a dual boys and girls Alpine ski meet.

Squads from Presque Isle, Madawaska, John Bapst (Bangor), Fort Kent, Caribou, Greenville, Mattanawcook Academy (Lincoln) and Fort Fairfield joined Central Aroostook for the downhill races.

Two separate boys and girls Giant Slalom events were held, with skiers getting the opportunity to do three to four runs down the mountain for the day. 

In the first boys event, Quinn Breen of John Bapst was the top skier with a time of 42.79 seconds, followed closely by Pierre Hickey of Madawaska (42.98). 

The Caribou boys were the top team in the first race with a score of 28. Scoring for the Vikings were: Eliott Sleeper (44.51); PJ Thorton (45.71); Ketih Bray (46.46); and Jaden Picard (47.63).

Central Aroostook placed third thanks to the efforts of Brighten Kingsbury (46.20); Keynan Campbell (48.80); Lane McCrum (49.86); and Abram McCrum (55.66). Presque Isle placed fourth thanks to Clay Gregg (48.55); Max Greaves (50.06) and Graham Collins (52.93).

Josh Scupbach was the top skier for Fort Fairfield with a time of 53.18.

For Fort Kent, Max Bois finished at 44.44, while Walker Marquis finished at 53.66. 

In the second boys race on the day, Hickey was the top skier, placing first with a combined time of 1:25.55 after two runs down the mountain. 

John Bapst finished first with a combined time of 6:13.57, followed closely by Caribou at 6:35.93. Other team totals were: Presque Isle, third (6:47.55); and Central Aroostook, fourth (6:51.82). Fort Fairfield, Fort Kent and Madawaska did not have enough skiers to score as a team.

Individual scoring results for Caribou in the second race were: Tanner Prashaw (1:36.81); Keith Bray (1:37.64); Sleeper (1:40.30); and Picard (1:41.18).

Individual scoring results for Presque Isle were: Gregg (1:37.08); Graves (1:40.18); Ryder Wight (1:40.68) and Collins (1:49.61).

Individual scoring results for Central Aroostook were: Kingsbury (1:37.53); Campbell (1:38.79); L. McCrum (1:40.71); and A. McCrum (1:54.79).

For Fort Fairfield, Schupbach finished at 1:40.81.

Individual results for Fort Kent were Bois (1:27.93) and Marquis (1:35.64).

Girls results

In the first girls Giant Slalom event, the Caribou Vikings were the top squad with a score of 16, followed by Presque Isle, 37; and John Bapst, 44. Fort Kent, Greenville,and Mattanawcook Academy did not have enough skiers to score as a team.

Caribou’s Edie Shea was the top skier with a combined time of 1:37.97. Her teammate Ella Voisine was a close second at 1:38.73. Also scoring for the Vikings were Macy Wakem, 1:40.32; and Araya Caverhill (147.17).

Izzy Higgins was the top skier for Presque Isle at 1:39.68. Others scoring for the Wildcats were Camden York, 142.09; Amelia Donovan, 1:52.06; and Violet Gregg, 1:54.18.

Mira Kelley was the lone skier for Fort Kent with a time of 1:45.94.

In the second race of the day, Caribou again was the top squad with 26 points; followed by Presque Isle, 30; and John Bapst, 31.

Caribou’s Shea was the top skier with a combined time of 1:36.19. Other Vikings scoring results were Wakem, 1:37.14; Caverhill, 1:52.09; and Voisine, 2:11.19.

For Presque Isle, Higgins finished in 1:43.36; York, 1:44.68; Donovan, 1:58.29; and Morgan House, 2:01.53.

For Fort Kent, Kelly finished in 1:46.97.