Snowmobile Trail Report for Jan. 28, 2021

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
3 years ago

Another week and very little snow has fallen here in The County. Last weekend ended up being very busy on certain sections of trails and in other parts it was quiet.

The wind that we had on Sunday was a help in areas and was also hurtful in others. Trails that had groomed sections were able to pick up some much-needed drifted snow. Open terrain really saw the snow disappear, but with most clubs in the Crown are doing the best with what they have. Most everyone is saying that trails on old rail beds or on logging roads are in good shape, but trails in potato fields or in the woods are passable at best.

This next statement is something that everyone should adhere to. PLEASE STAY ON MARKED TRAILS. Now that the wind has blown off most of the snow off the fields, you do not want to cut across one now.

Remember this weekend is the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby and there will be anglers all over the Fish River Chain of Lakes and a few lakes way up north, also on The St. John. So, there will be more people and tip-ups all about so please use caution when travelling on these frozen bodies of water.


Soldier Pond is reporting that they will be out in the morning and will do trail 96 to the red arrow turnaround, they will also do trail 73 to Eagle Lake. All other trails North of the clubhouse will not be done until we get more snow. Watch out for the Moose.

Washburn Snowmobile club reporting that 105 and 83 are in good condition. They will be out tonight grooming and over the weekend. Trail 61 remains closed and waiting for more snow.

Nordic Lakers reporting that they have groomed their section of 105. Trail 81 has been cleared of trees and is passable and they have not groomed it. Trail 81 has a reroute on it and they have not been out through this trail yet, this is a trail to avoid. Sledders can access North Star variety from trail 88, there is a small stretch that is not groomed to the store it is marked, please follow markers as this business access has changed.

Portage Lakers are reporting that they have been out and groomed 90E towards 105. They did not come all the way to 105 as the last mile is in rough shape, it is passable by sled caution is advised. They are heading North on 85 to meet up with Eagle lake on Thursday night. They say that 85 towards Ashland is passable. It is rough when not on any logging roads.

Caribou is reporting that they have groomed to the Sullivan road on ITS 83, they have also groomed into town. They will be grooming 83 to Axle siding Friday morning, they will turn around there and not head up the powerline as this section is mostly dirt and rocks. Note: Par and Grill has a new access trail, it is signed. Must ride along Aldrich drive and cross Route 89 at a diagonal. The crosstown trail to the AVR is also groomed and in ok shape. 83B, and trail 88 are groomed and in good condition. Remember trail 88 is currently a dead-end trail. Caribou has also opened County Sports, First Choice Variety, and Gary’s Yamaha. The rest of our trail system which includes trail 89, ITS 90E, 83A and 90W will not be touched as we have many open fields to cross, we will get them at the next big storm. Russell’s Motel, Caribou Inn and Convention Center, Northern Maine Brewery and Mike’s Quick Stop have been opened on Tuesday, very little snow and very rough through the woods, please use caution. If sledders are staying at the Caribou inn and Convention center or Russell’s motel, the best advice is to keep sleds on your trailers and park at the Otter Stream Park and Ride which is located off Route 89, follow the street signs.

Fort Kent is reporting that they have groomed and signed their trails. Conditions range from thin in spots to good. Park and Ride behind Pelletier Ford is open and directly accesses trail 98 which connects to ITS 85.

Eagle Lake is reporting good conditions as they are on a lot of logging roads which does make for a smoother trail. They are contending with 2 logging operations. The first one is just as you get on the 120 from 85 and the other one is on the Southern end of 85 where they meet with Portage. Trails were groomed on Monday and are looking good. Hazard areas are marked well.

Fort Fairfield is having panned all their ITS trails and will go out again once it snows.

St. Francis Sno-Angels reporting that they will most likely be out again on Friday. 92 from the Lodge to Chamberlains is passable. Railbed section of 92 and Carter Brook are in very good shape.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting they have groomed ITS 83 North to Presque Isle and South to the Trestle in Monticello. They have not been on ITS 81 S. Easton has met them on 81. A lot of Rocks and rough in areas please use caution.

Ashland is reporting they have been out with the drag on all their ITS trails. A lot of rocks, many hazards and still rough in the wooded sections. They are planning on signing this weekend.

Allagash is reporting the trail system to Glacier Lake and Beau Lake are groomed and in excellent condition. Signs started going up the other day up north. Be careful of moose and deer! Allagash village to the Dickey Bridge approximately 4 miles in the woods needs more snow but is passable. Allagash Village to 120 good condition. 120 to Debouille that meets Eagle Lake is excellent condition. ITS 92 FROM 120 to Chamberlin’s Market is passable but needs more snow in the woods. Remember this is still early season snow conditions.

Frenchville is reporting that they will be out grooming tonight and are doing the best with what they have. All trails are signed.

Red Arrow is reporting all trails are signed and will be grooming all weekend for the derby traffic. Some of their fields on top of the knolls are getting bare. 

Chapman Ridge Runners began grooming last Sunday, Jan. 24.  Not all trails are groomed since many have beaver dams that makes crossing safely with the groomer and drag difficult in these conditions.  Those are being monitored and will be taken care of when there is more snow.  Woods trails are a little rough yet and just need more snow. 

Trail #74 (Presque Isle) is groomed until just before the westerly connection with #75 with Scopan Lake and Ashland, due to a beaver dam. 
Trail #105 south to Mars Hill also has a beaver dam and is one of the trails we are watching.
Trail #105 north to the intersection with the rail bed in Mapleton is groomed. 
Trail #81A from the intersection by the large
sign board with #74 (to Scopan), which is called “Buster’s Trail” is all groomed and a beautiful ride it links up with Aroostook River’s trail #88, all good! 
Trail #81A from the intersection with #105 to the “village” is packed, but just had recent work to place a culvert after crossing the millpond in Mapleton.
#74 (the “ATV” trail) will not be groomed in town for a bit, but after crossing the W. Chapman road, should be better.  That portion will be groomed sometime this week
Aroostook River Snowmobile club We have been grooming 105 from Mapleton to Washburn every night. 81A was groomed for a second time last night. ITS 88 is done from Chandler Farms to our club house.  We cannot get to Ashland yet (tried last night) because of a swamp. It is passable by sled though.  Woods sections are very rough and fields are getting down to dirt.
76 is done to where we cross the river and meet Chapman but the river isn’t frozen so that trail is still a dead end. e are missing a couple stop ahead signs and some field markers.  We can’t replace them now because of lack of snow and frozen ground.  Caution should always be used. What seems like a perfect trail can turn deadly with no warning.

Easton is reporting that they have been over everything and will do ITS 81 tonight or tomorrow.

Madawaska is reporting that they are in good shape.

Grand Isle is reporting they were out last night and got ½ of their trails and will be out today to pan the rest. Very rocky in places, some water holes. Markers are still not up as more snow is needed. Stop signs are up.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting they are waiting for more snow. Their railbed trails are passable and in decent shape.

Van Buren is reporting 94 loop trails will be closed for at least the next couple weeks due to logging. It will be blocked at the 105-79-94 four corners. We will keep it open to the caswell 100 on the Van Buren end and block it starting there. Hopefully it will be temporary.
105(railbed) is in good condition.
81n to grand isle has been done. Conditions are low snow and wet spots. Please use caution. We have very minimal signs out currently. Just not enough snow to stick them in.
94 has been done. There is a 2-mile section of plowed road due to logging.
81s has not been done yet. This is our power line trail and needs a significant amount of snow to be able to fill in water holes and cover rocks. We may give it a try this weekend

Limestone Snow Hawks are reporting that they are trying to pan and filling in holes. They are doing the best they can with what they have for conditions. The new runway loop on the old Air Force base is open and in good shape. They have also opened their section of the boarder trail; sections are good and other sections thin with snow.

Caswell (Pleasant Ridge Riders) reporting they have been over their trails and are reporting ok conditions. Lots of rocks and rough. They will be out brushing.


Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club: Shin Pond is open, trails are cleared but again, more snow is needed before the big crowds can hit the trails. They have been grooming once a week and will be out on Friday to get ready for the weekend. 

East Grand snowmobile club is reporting that trails have not been groomed, they need a foot or more before they can get out. They recommend staying off the trails until more snow.

Molunkus Valley Snowmobile Club they are getting some traffic but to be extra cautious as there are some stumps and rocks in the trails. Deb is doing a snow dance and hoping for more snow on Tuesday.

Linneus Sno Sports volunteers have been busy clearing brush and have not been able to mark every hazard so please use common sense. Have not been out as they are also looking for more snow.

Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club reporting ITS 85 Oxbow to Shin Pond is very good. Oxbow north is being worked on but is rideable.

ITS 86 has been gone over this week Oxbow to Houlton and is fair to good with only a few trouble areas.

Trail 71-D Oxbow to Libby’s camps and back to Shin Pond is good riding as it’s all on road system this year. (95-100-mile loop)

Trail 71-A Oxbow to Ashland is being worked on and we hope to have it open soon. Still waiting for a little more ice on River crossing. I’ve been across it on sled and have checked it, but before we call it open, I would like to see more than the 6” of ice we have.

Big Valley Sno Club (Island Falls)

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snow sled club they have been running their groomer on ITS 83, 86 to St. Croix where Oxbow met them, and they will be going all the way to Hodgdon to 86 and 105 on Friday. Some locals on the trails but snow is needed.

Patten Rockabema Snow Rangers They are also looking for more snow. They have not groomed

Benedicta Snow Gang are reporting not doing anything waiting for more snow.

Eastern Maine Snow Riders(Macwahoc) reporting that more snow is needed, trails are rideable.

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Limestone Snow Hawks will host brunch this Sunday, Jan. 31, 10am-1pm at the clubhouse by the pond.