Snowmobile Trail Report, Feb. 4, 2021

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
3 years ago

It seems as the snow dance that everyone was doing finally worked.   The entire County received a fresh blanket of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

All clubs have been out either panning or rolling their respected sections.   This new snow will allow all connections to happen.  The clubs will be out in full force day and night to get the trails back in good shape, so please be careful out there.

The open-terrain trails did get blown off by the winds that were associated with this storm.  There are still sections in the Central Aroostook area that fields might be a little thin, so please stay on Marked trails and don’t venture off the trail.

The deer, moose and turkeys are everywhere so if you see tracks in the trails please slow down and keep an eye out.


Soldier Pond is reporting that they will be in great shape for the weekend   Watch out for the Moose.

Washburn Snowmobile club reports that they have all trails done and will begin their nightly grooming.  Trail 61 remains closed and they are in hopes to be able to use it in a few weeks.

Nordic Lakers reporting that they have everything groomed.   This includes trail 81.

Portage Lakers are reporting that they have been over everything and are in great shape.  They are loving their new Dubie Groomer and new Piston Bully 400.

Caribou is reporting that all their open trails have been groomed and are in good condition.   The fields heading towards Russell’s Motel and the Inn and convention center are still a little thin, but very passable.   The section of 90w in the Woodland and Perham area is still closed, plans are to open first of next week.  If heading to Portage use trail 105.

Fort Kent Groomers say they ran into some bad luck and were not able to groom.  One of the tracks on their Tucker developed a very large split while out on the trails. They have ordered a new one which should be in Monday. They patched the split with hopes to get through the weekend.   The new tractor has been tied up with the brush guard build/installation.

Eagle Lake is reporting good conditions after receiving 16 inches of new snow.

Fort Fairfield has been over everything and is reporting good conditions.

St. Francis Sno-Angels report that they are out and are reporting good conditions.  Section of 92 to Chamberlain’s store is in much better condition with near 20 inches of new snow.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting that they will have all their trails open and groomed by the weekend.

Ashland is reporting they have all ITS trails done.  71 to Oxbow will be groomed by the weekend.  Please be aware of a detour in a section of plowed road on ITS 88 about halfway between Ashland and the Aroostook River Clubhouse.  It is signed. Sleds need to stay off the plowed road.

Allagash is reporting that they received close to 2 feet of new snow.  120 and 92 opened on Wednesday and will be heading to the Lakes up North on Thursday.

Frenchville is reporting that they have been out and will be out around the clock.  They are reporting once the temps drop the conditions for grooming will be ideal.

Red Arrow is reporting all trails have been opened and are reporting great conditions.

Chapman Ridge is reporting The Nor’easter we received Tuesday gave us plenty of snow to work with and I have to say Chapman Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club and the rest of the County clubs are open for business along with all of the motels/hotels and restaurants. Winter is finally here. The following trails are panned: River (74E), Busters (81A/S) and ATV trail (81A/N). The trails came out excellent and will have set up nicely to groom over again tonight with the temps dropping into the low teens. Hope everyone stays safe on the trails this winter.

Aroostook River Snowmobile Club reporting that they are in great shape and will have all trails groomed a few times before the weekend.

Easton is reporting that they have been over everything and are reporting much better conditions from last week.

Madawaska is reporting that they are in good shape.

Grand Isle is reporting that they have put up their signs and will have everything done by the weekend,

Presque Isle Snowmobile club are reporting their trails in good shape.

Van Buren is reporting 94 loop trails will be closed for at least the next couple weeks due to logging. It will be blocked at the 105-79-94 four corners. We will keep it open to the caswell 100 on the Van Buren end and block it starting there. Hopefully it will be temporary.
They have been over all trails and reporting good conditions.  ITS 81S will be open for the weekend.

Limestone Snow Hawks reporting they are up and running and will have everything done by the weekend.

Caswell (Pleasant Ridge Riders) reporting they have 102 groomed and marked and will be in good shape for the weekend.


Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond – 85 to 71D, 85 Loop to Libby Pinnacle Loop, Club Trail 64. Shin Pond is officially open 7 days a week. Grooming is ongoing with conditions much improved thanks to new snowfall.

Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club Looks like we are in for a good dumping of snow in the next 24 hours. This is what we all have been waiting for. No more bumping over rocks and stumps with the groomer. The current forecast is for 12-15” out of this storm with another 12” over the weekend. We will start packing tomorrow morning and will run pretty much nonstop till we get over our 85 miles of trails. We have 4 grooming routes which take 3-4 days to completely cover. It’s always helpful to have some sled traffic on the trails before we run over it. For all those powder riders here your chance!

If we end up with all the snow that is in the forecast, it will be awhile before you will see that real hard packed trail surface, it will take a few passes with the groomer and some good cold weather.
We will update this report as we can.

Benedicta Snow Gang – ITS 81, 81A, 83A, to Sherman. Reports good snow fall allowing them to make the first pass of the season with groomers. The club cautions people not to ride alone as it’s easy to get stuck in soft snow. Also bring a fully charged cell phone for emergencies.

Molunkus Valley Snow Drifters – ITS 83, 83A to Bible Point meeting up with Eastern Maine Snow Riders on 3A. The club has been grooming steadily. Saturday there is a potluck at the clubhouse at 5 pm with the meeting to discuss the Feb. 20 poker run at 6 pm.

Big Valley Snow Club, – ITS 112, ITS 83, 60 to Oakfield and 83 s to Sherman. Located at Birch Point the club will begin grooming this weekend but are a week away from a full opening. The last storm brought 8 inches of snow helping to set a good base. They report 10 inches of ice on Mattawamkeag and Pleasant Lakes.

Eastern Maine Snow Riders – ITS 110 to Macwahoc, 1 to Haynesville, 3, 3A are grooming and reporting a great base to ride on.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers – ITS 83 N to Monticello ITS 86 to Houlton, ITS 105 to Hodgdon, 86 W to St. Croix Stream where they meet with Oxbow. They are actively grooming, and all trails are ready except club trail 81 which will be open next week.

Linneus SnoSports – ITS 105 from Hodgdon to ITS 83 is not yet groomed but will have it done by Friday as well as ITS 83 to Oakfield.

It’s a big weekend in Houlton with the 25th Annual Moose stompers Weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Meduxnekeag Ramblers are signing trails into the event from the trails if you want to sled in. There is a fishing derby, giant sliding hill, Houlton Parks and Rec x-country skiing (featuring the ski trailer with skis, shoes, and poles available for public use), moonlight snowshoe hike, 5K race and more. Check out the FB page for more info.

For the most up to date grooming information of our trail system and groomer tracking please visit

For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at


Caribou Snowmobile Club will be hosting their annual hot dog roast at Axle Siding, (ITS 83) on Feb. 13 starting at 10 a.m.