Protect identity when filing taxes

3 years ago

To the editor:

Before you begin the annual process of calculating how much money you owe/are owed by the federal government this tax season, I would urge you to first apply for an IP PIN number through the IRS website.

Tax returns have become a target for fraud in America with scammers depriving tens of thousands of people of their tax refunds each year. Fortunately, because of the Taxpayer Identity Protection Act which Senator Susan Collins championed in Washington, all American taxpayers now qualify for an IP PIN number. This pin number provides an additional layer of protection against fraudulent tax filings.

Applying for the program is simple, but should you have any questions, Senator Collins’ staff is on standby, ready to help you protect your identity from scammers today. The number for the regional office in Caribou is 207-493-7873. Sen. King’s staff can also be reached in Presque Isle by calling 207-764-5124. 

So, before you begin the process of filing your taxes this season, I would urge everyone to apply for an IP PIN number first.

Sen. Trey Stewart
Presque Isle