Woodland undergoing reassessment

3 years ago

WOODLAND, Maine — Assessors with Maine Assessment & Appraisal Services began reassessing the town of Woodland’s land and property in early April, a process anticipated to be completed by July 1, 2022. 

Assessors began with Map 1 and 2 on April 27, which includes portions of the Carson Road, Langley Road, Everett Road and Tabor Road.

The last time the land was reassessed was in 2009 and buildings have not been reassessed since 2004, according to Woodland Administrative Assistant and Tax Collector Amber Moutinho.

She said the scheduled completion date includes not only reevaluating the land and buildings, but also applying all of the new information to the town’s software. 

Once finished, the company will mail each taxpayer in Woodland a copy of their new tax card so they will know what to expect when they receive their tax bill.

Moutinho said that while the reval will not affect this year’s tax rates, it will have an effect on the 2022 taxes. 

As of 2020, she said the total taxable valuation of real estate in Woodland, not including personal property, is $44,770,702.

She said the town also calls both the Sheriff’s Department and State Police to notify them about what road the assessors will be visiting on which day in order to prevent multiple calls to the same location if residents are unaware of the process and suspect any trespassing.

The town website, townofwoodland.org, will also regularly post updates on the home page explaining which roads the assessors will be visiting, and Moutinho said the website for the assessment company, maineassessment.com, includes pictures of the people who will be out in the field and appraising the property.

If any residents have additional questions about the process or are concerned with assessors going onto their property, they can call the Woodland Town Office at 498-6133 and request that they take estimated measurements from the road.