Toby’s letter to Santa

2 years ago

To the editor: 

Toby is a resident cat at the Halfway Home Pet Rescue. I must confess that I accidentally opened and read “his” outgoing mail last week.

Toby wrote, “Dear Santa, 11 years ago you gave me the best present in the world — my life. I had survived a poisoning and was left severely disabled, but I was also given a lifelong foster home at Halfway Home Pet Rescue.  I have been very happy here and have made many human friends.  I have also met more than 3,200 feline friends that the HHPR volunteers have cared for, sterilized and placed into good homes. 

“I have no needs of my own, Santa, but I would love to see all the elderly cats at the adoption center get a home for Christmas. Please help each cat find a loving home for Christmas so they can curl up and purr with sweet dreams for the rest of their lives.”

Because of Toby’s unselfish heart and the kind gifts of many people, Halfway Home Pet Rescue is able to offer no adoption fee for any cat over the age of 5 years when adopted  from our adoption center during the month of December.  HHPR will also offer free foster home medical entitlements for cats over the age of 14 years when requested by the new owner. 

Adoption applications are online at Halfway Home Pet Rescue via Facebook or our website. Once the volunteer adoption committee has reviewed the application and approved it, the adopter will be called for an appointment to meet his/her new family.  

Keep your fingers crossed that we can give Toby his only Christmas wish.

Norma Milton
Executive Director, Halfway Home Pet Rescue