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Gail Wieder, Special to The County
2 years ago

It is hard to believe that the New Year is almost upon us. Time sure does fly. March 2022 will mark the start of year two of dealing with COVID-19. It is hard to believe that so much has changed in our everyday life during this pandemic. 

The one constant is the continued caring and love shown for each of our shelter animals.  Even though it’s been a challenging two years, our dedicated employees continue to go above and beyond and words are barely enough to express our appreciation for each one of these special people.

Since we are in the Christmas season, I thought some jovial dog jokes would be fun to read, Here are a few of the funniest ones. You can find more from a recent article in Parade at

What kind of dog likes taking a bath every day?    A shampoo-dle.

Why did the man in Alaska name his dog Frost?  Because Frost bites.

Why are dog’s terrible dancers?  Because they have two left feet.

Which dog breed likes living in the big apple?   A New Yorkie.

When you cross a dog with a cougar, what do you get?  A lot of trouble with a postman.

What kind of outdoor markets do dogs despise?   Flea markets.

When you cross a sheepdog with a rose, what do you get?  A collie-flower.

What do dogs do when they need to take a bathroom break during a movie?  They press the paws button.

What is a pug’s favorite fall beverage?  Pug-kin spice lattes.

What do you call a dog that can’t bark?   A hush puppy.

What do you call a sleeping Rottweiler?  Whatever you want, but do it silently.

What did one flea say to the other?   Should we walk, or just take the dog?

Hope these silly jokes put a smile on your face; sometimes a corny joke is good for the soul.

We hope you all have a great holiday season. May you all stay strong and healthy in the new year. Merry Christmas.

If you are looking to adopt a pet, check out the Central Aroostook Humane Society. We have some special animals to choose from.  

Please be responsible pet owners: spay and neuter your pet.

Gail Wieder is a member of the board of the Central Aroostook Humane Society.